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Although many people seem to dislike the title 'Halloween Returns'. I like it. Admittedly I shouldn't. I like it case in my own head it means Halloween as in the essence of the original returns. Hence all those other ones weren't really Halloween. And now it has returned.

Possible Plot Lines

One possible plot would involve the recasting of Laurie Strode. However it's a young Laurie. So Curtis would be out the picture. Now bearing in mind the premise of Halloween finally returning after 38 years. The Myers house would have to be involved. Loomis is alive as the events of this film would start up from where the original ended. The first 15 minutes depicting Michael be captured. Locked up. Back in the asylum. Sheriff Brackett a broken man. Is no longer Sheriff as he went off the rails after the murder of his daughter. Laurie has almost started to move on with her life. And has become a bit of a celebrity. Unable to escape the media of such an event. And Lookis remains unbreakablr on his dedication to keep Michael locked up. It's been 2 years since the events. So this movie would be 1980. Michael is set to be transferred over night to avoid. The chances of mobs stopping the vehicle. Loomis follows behind the the ambulance. When the Michaels kills everyone in the ambulance. I would suggest off screen. But imply he is killin them. The vehicle runs off the road and crashes. Loomis gets out to investigate and Michael steals the car. Michael returns to haddonfield and finds a new set of teenagers to stalk. When loomis shows up. He informs the sheriff. And finds Laurie. Former sheriff Brackett hears of the news and goes on his own hunting mission to find Michael. The climax of the movie would entail. The Sheriff brackett being killed. Loomis being stabbed. Before the new sheriff stops Michael in his tracks. Through hanging him. Michael is then transported to the morgue where he wakes and set up for a sequel based on the same night.

Nevertheless there is many possibilities as to what the movie could be. Taking into account that if you forget all the sequels and focus just on the 1978 classic. You can go anywhere with the sequel. But I feel that the best way to go is one. Keep the big characters for now. I.e Laurie and Dr Loomis. At least for now. We need to reestablish this new timeline as the primary timeline before killing these characters off and starting from scratch from nowhere with a protagonist who has no link to Myers. Where Laurie has. he was fascinated with her in 78 and he won't stop till she's dead. If this its the revolt then the writers need to think of the bigger picture the movie cannot be too diluted. Or else the sequels will be too confusing and before we know it we will have three timelines and no credible future.


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