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Hello everyone,

My names Matty and I'm a 19 year old male from Wales - Cardiff calling for some help off the general public and the people out there who can make my dream come true.

I know you may be scrolling past this thinking " what a load of rubbish " or " I'm not reading that ".

But please take just one or two .. Or maybe ten minutes to hear me out.

since I was young enough to remember, Jim Carrey has and will always be my most loved actor, not just due to his outstanding acting skills but because of the impact he has had on my life.

Sadly I lost my father to the battle of depression at the age of 14 where he committed suicide and sadly my mother found him. I was struggling hard enough from bullying and trying to fit in that so called " cool gang " so that people would liked me that loosing my dad effected me on top of that and I spireled downwards.

I lost my father on May the 27th 2010 at the age of just 37, he was a healthy living giant at 6ft 6/7 and didn't have a bad bone in him, always trying to please others before himself and no matter what the occasion was he would always put his family first. He had the nickname of the B.F.G back in his school says for being so kind but huge. If I am honest with you all, if he was a bad father then this post would not be up and I wouldn't have been affected by what happened BUT that's not the case in the slightest. He was the biggest inspiration towards myself, creating a photography business out of nothing and shooting for People such as "Customs" or "The Queen" and going on a diet just to get heathy for his family. He was so determined and such a role mode that I wanted to be just like him.

After I had lost my father I went on the dark route towards a tunnle with a very very distant light but it was figuring out how to reach that light, I started rapidly falling from doing drugs to re-evaluating my whole life.

It really was the lowest part of my pathway in life until I remembered that Jim Carrey uses his brilliant comedian skills to tell stories and bring laughter upon people, with all the charities he has helped out by donating millions to and all the wise words he has passed on in speeches, it made me think.... Instead of doing all these negative things with my life, throwing away something so precious why don't I go down the comedy route.

so one day a few months had passed since loosing my father and I started watching EVERY film that Jim Carrey had stared in from being the main character to being a screen filler. I picked up on all his different facial expressions and all of his techniques whilst watching them in my room hidden away from people as I was scared someone would judge me because I was still so weak and broken at this point ..... Until one day I was having a conversation with a few family members and I broke the quiet self confidant persona with a cheeky comedy line from Bruce almighty saying "Aaaaalrighty then " with all the facial expressions mirrored to how Jim did it. My family burst out laughing at how well it was done and from that day something clicked in my mind and made me realise instead of hurting myself and downgrading what I should be, why don't I look at comedy acting....The way Jim did, the way he started from the bottom and now look at him, one of the best rated actors in the history of professional acting with the most facial expressions and different mind sets.

so continuing on from that day, I gradually became more and more confidant at this new side of me until it sort of just became a part of me where I didn't think what I had to say or plan what was going to happen, I just had that initial reaction and it went down brilliantly. I got off the drugs, got myself out of becoming homeless at 15 years of age and worked my way up to the top to reach my goal of meeting Jim one day I'm not there yet but I'm not giving up.I know that's a huge huge goal and I have my hopes set high but doesn't everyone deserve that stepping stone atleast once in life.

Now 5 years have passed since loosing my dad and I can honestly say I wouldn't be in this world without the help of Jim. So much so that I have family and friends always sending me little photos or clips of Jim Carrey and saying for me to film myself and reenact such clip/photo so that they could show their friends.

watching his movies have helped me gain the confidence and strength to get up and fight for my life path of professional acting.

I am now a healthy 6ft 5, 19 year old "man" who has gained so much life skill over the years that I'm now living on my own with my partner in our own flat, I'm now in the real world, working everyday to support myself and I'm also in the progress of completing my application to join the army, without drinking or doing anything worse. My life seems to be perfect BUT there is just one thing missing and that is my comedy side, I still do it every day, every where and any place but I feel I want to achieve higher and just to meet Jim Carrey would make everything I have been through so very worth the struggle.

I have emailed the Fan email address a few times ( not too many as I'm not going to be those annoying fans who breach personal space ) but I have sent a enough emails and there was no response or even recognition that he had received them. I have also sent a letter out to his address in California about a year back but there was nothing back. My partner even searched weeks on end to see if you could pay for a meet and great as she knows how strongly I feel about meeting him but there was nothing even closely involved in that.

I understand he is a very busy man with all the work he has on his plate and he doesn't want to great one fan because he would then have to meet others BUT I'm not just a fan... I am Someone he saved without even realising he was doing so and I need to thank him for that.

I am even willing to travel if I have to.

so I'm making this call out post because I really do need the public to help me out on this one, lets really see if there are the kind human beings we see on videos in this world out there. I'm all hands and ears open, please comment, phone, facebook, Instagram, snapchat me or anything you feel would Benifit me as I'm not going to give up. To be able to meet him would put my mind at rest.

does anyone know how I can get in touch with him, for example letter, email, address, phone, text, Skype any means possible to communicate with him.

for those of you who have taken time to read this post I am sorry it's so long but I needed to get all the information on there for people to realise how important this is to me.

for those of you who have taken time to read this then a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart but it would mean so much to me if you could comment with advice for the next step.

Dont ever give up on your dreams as you are who you are.

peace and love to everyone out there,

Matty Lee.



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