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**No Intentional Spoilers**

Having just gotten home from seeing the latest installment in the Star Wars Saga, I must say that I can see where the writers took inspiration for the EU. As most probably know, Disney has disenfranchised most of the EU. Never the less it shows through in this new film.

As most people know, they have decided to uncanonize much of the expanded universe. This is due to the fact that they didn't thing that they could read all of it to make the film follow along.

This is about how the new movie takes away from the EU!

There are some potential spoilers for some of the older books, but I will not be commenting specifically on the movie. They have taken from some favorites in the EU, and those are what there are spoilers for in this article. If people don't want to know, let's say specifics about elements in The Force Awaken this is not an article to read.

1. The Unlikely Hero

In the Dark Forces trilogy, we see a solder of the empire on a path to a promising career as a officer in the Imperial army. He has a change of hart after his first mission, and hitches a ride on an old junker of a ship headed to meet up with the Rebel forces. This soldier Kyle Katarn then proceeds take on missions that change the course of the war against the empire. It might not be a secret who this character is in VII, but he is a direct homage to Kyle Katarn.

2. Starkiller

There will be no spoilers in this article, but versed fans can do that math. This name is out of the recent history of the Star Wars games. This was the name given to Vader's secret apprentice in The Force Unleashed games.

3. Rogue Squadron

Now I am not saying that they are in the film. I myself have not read the series, but my friend is a fanatic, so I think I have a good idea about the dynamic that the characters had. This is an element in The Force Awakens, and I liked it personally. It will be interesting to see if characters feel the lose of squad mates.

4. The New Stormtroopers

This is just something that i liked. In the Battlefront games, the emperor decided that an army comprised of a single person was too subject to corruption. This film has taken that concept a step further, and it actually helps the plot a great deal. They functioned my like military units.

5. Death of Chewbacca

Before the hate comments start, I am not saying this happens. Much like in A New Hope we loose someone we have come to love. It is actually very similar to Obi-Wan.

6. Jacen & Jaina Solo

Again, no spoilers. Watching the film, and some of the visions within, it does not take a genius to figure out that the characters are strait out of the books. The names are changed around a little though.

7. Vader Visits His Emperor

I am told by my father, and the special features in the DVD's that in the book A New Hope Vader went to see his emperor on Coruscant. This element is in the film, and playing into that...

We have a larger alien running a vast organization within the galaxy. Big red flag to those who have read Shadows of the Empire.

8. The Fight


This fight is totaly in the movie.

Well, these are the things that I picked out of the film that stuck out to me as big nods to the EU. I tried to dance around topics as much as possible, and hope you like it.

I did, and think that it is a good start for the next generation of Star Wars lovers. The kid sitting next to me in the theater said, "I want to see the next two," as soon as the credits started. As my dad said the audience stood and clapped at the end of the end of A New Hope when he saw it in the 70's, and the same happened with this one. If you saw anything else from the EU, please leave a comment.

To conclude, it was Han.


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