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The first thing you need to know when reading this article is that if features MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS for Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Do not scroll further unless you have already seen the film. You have been warned.

Still here? Well good, let's get started.

Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens was simply amazing, with countless moments hearkening back to the beloved original trilogy. In this film we get returning appearances from classic Star Wars characters like Han Solo and Chewbacca, but we also get quite a few brand new characters to get to know. As much as fans may love Finn and Poe Dameron, the character of Rey has amassed quite a following, and for good reason.

Out of all of the characters in the film, she by far goes through the biggest transformation. When we first see her, she is just a lonely scavenger, but by the film's climactic finale we see her wielding a lightsaber and using the Force. She seems to be such a natural in the Jedi arts, that many suspect that she is the daughter of none other than Luke Skywalker.

Well guess what, she is. And here's why.

Let's Start From The Beginning...

In one of the early scenes of the film, we see Rey in her little camp by a downed AT-AT walker. In her base, we see her playing with a little doll garbed in an orange and white suit that closely resembles a Rebel pilot. Not to mention she even pulls out a rebel pilot's helmet and wears it as she lays against this walker.

To be fair, she could have just scavenged the helmet amongst the wrecked X-Wings on Jakku, but that doesn't explain the little doll. It would make the most sense that Luke gave it to her as a young girl before leaving her to live on Jakku.

How About That Lightsaber?

Luke's lightsaber that he lost on Bespin in Empire Strikes Back was a major plot device for the movie. Though we often see Finn brandishing the blade in the film along with most of the promotional material, it was Rey who had a strong connection with the blade.

In Maz Kanata's base, we saw that the saber was calling out to Rey, bringing her right to it. As soon as she came upon it, she was struck with a barrage of visions, both of her past and her future. Not much can explain why she got the visions, other than the fact that the lightsaber belonged to the Skywalker family. Anakin had it, then Luke, and now it calls out to Rey, which plants the idea that she may be a Skywalker as well.

Let's Not Forget Her Force Powers!

In one of the most intense scenes of the film, we get to see Rey fight of Kylo Ren's dark side influence, and she uses Jedi mind tricks to command a Stormtrooper. Normally, with potential Jedi, they have to be trained for a long time before they can start using the Force as naturally as she does. There is one easy explanation for her prowess though.

She is a Skywalker. It's that simple. How else would she be able to use the Force so easily? If she descended from the bloodline of Anakin Skywalker, that would explain both the intensity of her Force abilities and her skill with a lightsaber. Kylo Ren is well trained in saber combat. He built his own lightsaber for crying out loud. Yet Rey is able to out-fight him at the end of the film. If that doesn't scream Skywalker, I don't know what does.

With the conclusion of the long-awaited seventh installment in the Star Wars franchise, we at last return to the magic of the original trilogy thanks to characters like Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren. Hopefully the mysteries surrounding this characters will make the eighth and ninth films even more enjoyable!


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