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I consider myself a true horror movie fan and just like every other true fan of the genre, I tend to watch remakes with a few fingers over my eyes. That being said, I still get excited for each reincarnation of my favorite franchises. It is with cautious words and a full heart that I present to you five horror films that I would personally love to see re-envisioned.

5. 'The Gate' (1987)

The Gate starts off like a scary little Disney-esque film for pre-teens. The film then evolves into something much more menacing and sinister. The original film wasn't really that great and is far from being a classic horror film. However, there is some awesome ideology to play with here. The truly scary thing about this film is the devious little questions it presents: 1. What would happen if a child was given the power to alter reality? 2. How would children process and react to the consequences of changing their own reality? 3. How does a child deal with an otherworldly presence ruining their life from the inside out? Imagine turning these ideas over to an experienced screenwriter and an atmospheric director, add a moderate amount of special effects and you've got an engaging demonic thriller begging to be unleashed.

4. 'Killer Klowns From Outerspace' (1988)

Here's another film that will probably never be considered a true classic. My kids love this film though and they laugh their little butts off every time they can actually get me to watch it with them. Why remake it? Well, I think that this film could be a genre classic if done properly. Getting screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the team behind Zombieland, is an absolute must. The concept of this film is so far-fetched that it absolutely must be as much or more a comedy than a horror film. If you could dump some of the slap-stick and replace it with well thought out and comedic performances (I'm thinking Michael Cera in the lead) you might have something amazing. The other aspect the film should be soaked in is truly bloody and eye-popping gore.

3. 'Possession' (1981)

Let me start by saying that Possession ,made in 1981 and starring Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill, is already one my favorite horror films ever made. Why would I ever want to remake it then? Simple, the story of this film is entrancing throughout the first half and then horrifying throughout the rest. The plot of the film is very strong and leaves viewers allowance for several different interpretations of what is actually occurring on screen. Plus, there are two lead characters here so intense and chaotic that the right performers could come up big during awards season. I could totally see Willem Dafoe or Ethan Hawke taking over for Sam Neil along with maybe Noomi Rapace or Marion Cotillard in Adjani's electrifying role. Check out the original if you've never seen it, then think about a couple of your favorite actors accepting their Oscars.

2. 'Hellraiser' (1987)

That's right horror fans, this one is actually happening (maybe?). It seems almost like a dream. Clive Barker is back on board and has promised us a new variation of his classic story with little to no CGI effects. To be honest the idea of Barker showing us all what Hell looks like all over again is what makes my mouth water. Clive Barker is a masterful writer and this is his baby, so who wouldn't be excited. By the way, Barker has already confirmed that Doug Bradley will be returning as everyone’s favorite pin cushion and that's huge a relief for fans of the franchise. Although I must admit, I wouldn't have minded seeing maybe Vinnie Jones or possibly even Mark Strong take on the flesh ripping responsibilities.

1. 'Phantasm & Phantasm II' (1979, 1988)

Okay, so I cheated a little bit here, but trust me, somewhere between Phantasm I and Phantasm II is a truly awesome horror remake just waiting to breathe. Directed by Don Coscarelli in 1979, Phantasm remains to this day one of the most original and creepy horror films of all time, and its 1988 sequel also directed by Coscarelli is just as good. There are so many disturbing ideas and eerily applied themes in this franchise that it deserves a remake. In this particular case I would also consider updating the director as well, maybe James Wan, or how about Fede Alvarez? My only point being that both of Coscarelli's films were made on very small budgets and I feel the only way to be fair to the remake would be to go big budget horror, $35 million or so. Add some awesome effects and a talented young director that’s used to the moving pieces involved in such a project and you might just have yourself the best remake ever put on a digital projector... LOL.

Well, my horror fan friends, it's that time again. Here's where you tell me why I'm crazy and what film or films you think deserve to be remade for today's horror hounds. Join me on Facebook @


Which classic horror film would you like to see get remade?


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