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Ok im new at this my name is Darius Harris I live in buffalo ny i am 25 but enough about me..... Creed 2 so it continues from the first where PRETTY RICKY CONLAN wins the fight. Conlan goes to prison an Adonis takes over the boxing world.... But wait wheeler gets crowned the wbc champion. After the broken jaw WHEELER bounces back an retains the title.Because he feels that since creed lost an he didnt get a chance to fight Conlan who knows who could have won. So wheeler gets the title... So a fight is set up between Creed an Wheeler but Rocky goes into a coma an Creed cant focus so he takes time off to tend to Balboa... Wheeler takes advantage an starts to dominate the boxing world until...... Pretty Ricky Conlan wins appeal an is released so he as in Conlan wants his belt back so him an Wheeler have face off heavy security. Conlan states "im surprised Creed didnt take this but I'll take it back an then deal with him"Wheeler rages an states he will defeat Creed an Conlan himself. Adonis in the hospital watching is not really focused on them he is tending to Balboa. So the fight happens an Wheeler goes 12 but gets knocked out with a tempo shot loses the belt... Balboa awakens an asks Adonis to show him the title Adonis can't training begins an Wheeler gets wind of it so a fight is set between Wheeler an Creed fight happens Pretty Ricky Conlan the champ is attending expecting a fight.Creed has flashbacks of the spar from the gym where Wheeler said "all i need is 1 round" Creed tells Rocky the same an Wheeler goes down first round. After Creed an Conlan have stare down. Fight is set CREED VS CONLAN 12 rounds an creed gets job done this time Conlan doesnt make 10 count.... epilogue Creed is having a news conference when Drago an his younger son walks in.... in my opinion should b canelo but hey... anyways words are exchanged an Adonis finds out this is the man who killed his father so he gets in Drago's face Drago pushes him an he falls into Balboa an Balboa dies.... Creed holds Balboa as Rocky did Apollo an he sees Drago rubbing his young sons shoulders an his son says "If he dies he dies" credits.. Creed 3........ again i hope u take clues from idea thanks......


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