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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
Walter Ng

In an odd yet poignant sense this movie has forced me to put it under the indie movie genre that it is under, and I don't personally like to do such things as art is open to interpretation, and movie genres are kind of a stigma for movies, and Hollywood to just be lazy.
However, I must say that it's quirkiness and it's oddity is not one to despise, nor did I not like this movie, I was just finding myself asking questions as to why it existed, what was it's purpose, and running it through my head again and again, has left me to say that it was just about the art.

And the artistes. Because it's sort of a resort, retreat, rehabilitation center, or getaway whatever you want to call it, but it has too much it wanted to do I think. And it's focus was too split. I wanted to know more about the other characters, I wanted to know more about the friendship between the master orchestrator, and his director friend, and that weird rock band guy who is strangely intriguing. But it's more focus on the conductor and his struggle with old age, and maybe that's what the hammering point was. But for me it wasn't so strong, I think the only time I was truly invested was the scene between the father and the daughter and the daughter just finally opening old wounds, and I thought that the daughter was a bit whiny though, but still something fair, since it makes sense that she would resent her father as he was away a lot and so on and so forth.

But I think the underlying fact is the third act. I think the movie was just written on the fact that they had such a good third act that, they had to have a movie around it. Because it showed, the director friend coping with the fact that, his most cherished actress is tossing him away like old gum and the fact that, he truly did help her grow and make her identity along the way and I really thought that was great and the scene with the wife as well for the conductor was really well done, as well they kept hammering in that fact and that you know we were never really sure whether she was dead or alive, and by the daughter's reaction you'd think she was dead.

Now don't get me wrong there were other good scenes like the conductor finding some tranquility and finding that he will never truly lose his art because he can still do it so well. But the amount of pandering and no real sense of direction I could go with this, is sort of where the confusion comes from, there's no clear plot thread, the story line is never truly explained, and the visual means just make you feel comfortable environment to be in like a vacation you always wanted to take,and if that's what it was, then it's certainly not worth the price of admission because I really think that if they focused more on the characters, and maybe a little more backstory, it'd make a better story line. There doesn't need to be a plot but at least a clear story line so that the viewer sort of still can guess along the way, you can keep them in the dark, but you gotta give them bread crumbs. And the ending well, I don't know that's up for you to decide but for me, it made little sense. I mean yeah sure maybe seeing his wife changed his mind, but for me, it was just a strange little movie that I'd perhaps watch it again, and maybe,just maybe that was the point.


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