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That's right you read that right. And let me make it clear: I am not often the musical type. I'm the girl who loves to listen to Shinedown and Tokio Hotel. Rock. I'm also the girl who melts not at romantic notions but at well done combat sequences.

So you can understand my surprise when a movie with fairies fulfilled everything but putting Shinedown and Tokio Hotel in there. No seriously this movie has rock numbers, romantic notions AND well done combat sequences. AND IT'S A FRIGGIN' CARTOON. I MEAN REALLY.

But I really should break this down for you a bit more. If you just wanted a movie recommendation, then stop reading now. THERE ARE GOING TO BE SPOILERS AND I CANNOT AVOID IT WITHOUT ENDING THIS ARTICLE FAIR WARNING.

Marianne is a fairy who starts the movie off in love, and then the guy she's in love with (total douchebag by the way) CHEATS on her. And you want to know what's so ridiculous about that?


I may have developed just an eensy crush on a cartoon character with this one, I'll admit. But look at her do you blame me? And that's only a taste of what Marianne is like. She loves her rock, and she's distrustful of pretty much all guys after her bad experience. Her father wants her to find a king for the kingdom, and Roland (that guy in the green in the above gif who's getting his wing mashed FYI) wants nothing more than to be king. With an army (a fact which he makes abundantly clear on several different occasions). Marianne even tells her father that if she ever finds a guy who she can look in the eyes and not want to punch in the face...well you get the picture.

Then an elf goes to get a love potion to make her sister fall in love with him, and he screws everything up and Marianne's sister is kidnapped and she falls in love with someone she shouldn't and Marianne goes to save her.

That's just a taste of the plot here. But you've heard me rave about Marianne's punk good looks and attitude enough. HERE'S A MUSICAL NUMBER TO ILLUSTRATE MY POINT (by the way, the song Marianne sings is What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, further illustrating my point about the fairy having awesome taste in music).

So there you go. Roland and Marianne, and you get to witness her awesome punk attitude as she dishes it out to the blonde king wannabe.

Now I'm going to put aside my bias in how amazing Marianne is (but again, I HAVE FINALLY FOUND A FAIRY I CAN DAMN WELL RELATE TO THAT'S EXCITING). I need to make some points about the movie itself.

1) It teaches that good-looking guys have the potential to be total jerks like everyone else and that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover (judge it by its amazing musical numbers OBVIOUSLY).

2) Girls can be different. Marianne is, and in the end she discovers that is totally OKAY.

3) She demonstrates you can be a strong independent woman. Not only does she train herself with the sword and have some rousing battles, but she is also willing to stand up for herself. And she isn't afraid to remain single either. She's perfectly fine with it, and not harmed in the least. The fact that she ends the movie with a love interest doesn't diminish that point at all. She was happy with herself being single before she fell in love again.

4) Younger siblings can TOTALLY teach you something. Dawn teaches Marianne a few things.

Now then. Those are my points. You've seen the Disney fairies. Would you like some rock n' roll with that? Then you should probably watch Strange Magic, the musical that actually kept me watching, laughing and generally feeling pretty good about myself and the world.


Would you watch it?


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