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Karly Rayner

Amanda Bynes has returned to Twitter after a four month long hiatus and the former child star looks more like her normal self than she has in years.

The troubled former Nickelodeon star – who is well known for both her TV roles such as in The Amanda Show and her very public struggles with mental health issues – posted an image of herself smiling sweetly with her best friend, makeup artist Troy Jensen.

Eager to stay in touch with her fans, Bynes wished all of the people who have been supporting her over the past few difficult years "Happy Holidays!"

Amanda might have been totally off the radar for the past few months, but it's believed she is catching up with her studies so that she can head back to fashion school in October to pursue her fashion design dreams.

Although she has been out of the spotlight, Bynes hasn't neglected her sense of style and she was snapped on December 11 wearing a classic leather and lace combo.

(Source: Twitter)


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