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The news of Mike and Molly's cancellation has fallen at the time of the year when we should all be getting into the festive spirit.

Back in March, CBS confirmed Season 6 was going to have 22 episodes. However, although the season will still air, it will only be 13 episodes long. And it pains me to say that it is going to be the last season ever.

Confirmation has come in the form of announcements by several of the show's actors, namely Melissa McCarthy who plays Molly, and Rondi Reed who plays Margaret "Peggy" Biggs.

Melissa McCarthy recently posted this emotional tweet:

Several media outlets believe that Melissa’s tweet was to convey that the show’s cancellation wasn’t due to Melissa wanting to explore other opportunities in her rising career.

Melissa's tweet comes just after Rondi Reed's Facebook post, which pretty much unambiguously confirmed the axing of the show.

Before you hear it elsewhere (and some already have) this is the Final and 6th Season of MIKE & MOLLY on CBS. It is also...

Posted by Rondi Reed on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Rondi maintains that she doesn't want to get into why the show got cancelled, but conceded that "the network has [its] reasons". The Facebook post was still very emotional, with Ronda thanking all of the people that made her time on Mike and Molly so special.

Twitter has also expressed how sad they are about the fate of the comedy series:

These are my personal 3 favorite moments of 'Mike and Molly'

1. The best lesson Molly ever taught her students

Molly tells her students to never settle and follow their dreams as she abandons her teaching job by jumping out of the window as an escape.

2. Mike's sexy sleep apnea machine

That snoring, though.

3. That so damn emotional wedding

"You are my heart, my life and my love"

Why CBS, why???


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