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Fans of game nostalgia rejoice!

The Japanese company Beatrobo are launching an accessory for iPhone that will bring retro game cartridges back. We all remember the days were the only way you could play your favorite game was to blow down a cartridge first. Those days are long gone, but this company wants to bring them back.

Meet the Pico Cassette

The Pico Cassette is a little device you can connect to your iPhone to play video games. It's designed to look like the old cartridges from the '90s, and you connect it to your phone through the headphone socket. Beatrobo even made a little commercial for it that is very reminiscent of the '90s.

The games themselves will not actually be stored on the cassette, but on your phone. The cassette only works as a key to unlock the game, and you can also use it to access saved games on different devices. It's certainly very nostalgic, and if you're really into that retro gaming feel this might be a fun little gimmick for you. But for most people it might feel like an unnecessary complicated way of playing a game on your phone. After all, we can just download whatever we want from the app-store and be ready to play it immediately without needing anything other than a phone and an Internet connection.

The Pico Cassette is not available for purchase yet, but if you visit the cassette's website you can sign up for their newsletter which will update you on their progress.

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