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Most people's first times tend to be worlds away from the petal strewn, carefully choreographed rose tinted view that certain romance movies depict, but TV shows often give the whole affair a much more realistic twist.

From performance anxiety, severe awkwardness or rushing into it with the wrong person, below are some of the most funny, romantic and plain cringeworthy first times on TV, but which one do you remember the most?

1. Sheldon and Amy - 'The Big Bang Theory'

When contact-phobic Sheldon finally consummated his relationship with Amy it certainly seemed to be a Big Bang!

2. Pretty Much Everyone - 'New Girl'

The New Girl virginity episode covers the fast diorama of awkward, confusing first times with its typical self depreciating humor, but I think my favorite was definitely Nick's story who lost it to:

"Allison Daniels, on a towel in the woods. I cried, she kept her bra on. It was nice."


3. Kurt and Blaine - 'Glee'

Most people lose their virginity when they're teenagers and when Glee dealt with the issue of the 'first time' both Finn and Rachel and Blaine and Kurt decided to take the plunge in the same episode.

In a sweet episode that depicts homosexual and heterosexual relationships as equally flawed, loving and caring as each other, Blaine loses his V card but Rachel remains a virgin when Finn finds out she wanted to sleep with him as inspiration for the school show. Ouch.

4 Joey and Pacey — 'Dawson's Creek

Pacey was so much better than Dawson and when Joey finally lost her virginity to him, the whole world cheered her on. Sure it was always heavily implied that Dawson was somehow Joey's soul mate, but when it came down to it, she always seemed to have better chemistry with Pacey. The slow burn was so sweet!

5. Buffy and Angel — 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

No matter how bad your first time was, at least you didn't suck the soul out of your boyfriend and nearly kill him. Who knew that the generally forward thinking Buffy would be covertly preaching abstinence!

6. Chuck and Blair — 'Gossip Girl'

Chuck and Blair ended up getting married despite the somewhat manipulative nature of their relationship, but their first time was far from a romantic scenario. After a quick fumble in the backseat of his limo, Blair dismissed the whole thing as a depressing one night stand and was miserable that she lost her virginity this way.

7. Donna and Eric — 'That '70s Show'

In a pretty typical first time story Eric thought he had disappointed Donna by being "lame in the sack," but his wise girlfriend reassures him that sex can only get better with a bit of practice. Awwww.

8. Rory and Dean - 'Gilmore Girls'

Dean might be committing infidelity when he sleeps with Rory, but you are rooting for them all the way. Despite the less than perfect circumstances, Rory's first time was a pretty romantic and passionate affair and, even though things didn't work out, probably one she'd remember fondly.

9. Summer & Seth -'The OC'

Summer and Seth might have almost immediately regretted rushing into their first time, but the openness they displayed when they dealt with their feelings set the tone for the rest of their relationship. Sure there were hurdles but they overcame them all in the end to be happily wed in the flash forward.


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