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Over the course of 27 seasons, we've seen The Simpsons make hundreds of couch gags, but none of them compare to filmmaker Lee Hardcastle's latest creation. While Play-Doh is generally a children's toy, there is nothing kid-friendly about this awesomely savage fan-made video.

Using the 2013 horror film You're Next as inspiration, Hardcastle's claymation creation takes The Simpson family to a level of gore not even the Treehouse of Horror episodes have brought us.

Check out the grisly and gruesome couch gag below:

Pretty scary right? I know that Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney have a tendency to be a little mean, but murder seems a bit extreme, even for them.

To see more of Hardcastle's work, be sure to visit his website.

(Source: Lee Hardcastle, YouTube)


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