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First of let me just say that I love Star Wars.

Saw the movies on there 1997 re-release, and the prequels as the came out in theater. I’ve got the lego sets, the toys, the books and the complete Star Wars Face Files (remember that?). So I can honestly say I am a Star Wars fan.

Rich Evans from RedLetterMedia
Rich Evans from RedLetterMedia

Okay maybe not as much as a fan as him. But still.

So along comes opening night of Episode VII and of course I got tickets and got to see it and it was glorious. Using the old term of the world glorious and awesome. Awesome as the galaxy not awesome as a hotdog. And now two days later, something still bothers me. Grown ass man, still bothered and I like to share it with you today.


hahahha stupid monkey
hahahha stupid monkey

Why…why oh why did Leia hug Rey after they return to the rebel base? With Chewbacca awkwardly celebrating in the background with the rest of the rebels.

This should not be done. This should have been a very touchy moment between two friends who have been through the shit together. Who lost their loved one. If two characters in the whole Star Wars Universe loved Han Solo it would have been Leia and Chewbacca. And all that pain of lost and suffering should have been between those two, not Rey and Leia.

I know the make a remark that Rey feels for Han as the dad she never had, but they only just met. And she only saw Leia once on the base. Yet these two get the emotional moment of grief? Chewbacca doesn’t even look at Leia when he walks out the Falcon for Christ sake.

I mean remember Chewbacca when Han got frozen in carbonite? His emotional response of almost strangeling Lando. The heartbreaking cries during the frozen process or when on Hoth when they have to close the doors. This was an anger out of love and loyalty for his friend. These two having been hanging around even before their introduction in a New Hope. If the books are correct (but I don’t know if they are canon anymore) Chewbacca was a slave and Han rescued him and after that they pretty much where attached at the hip.

So we have all these past adventure that we have seen and have not seen. Loyalty, friendship, love. Han gets on with the princess, even making Chewie promise to take care of her when he is gone. They laugh and hug when reunited in Jabba’s Palace. I wouldn’t even be surprised that Chewbacca was best man at the wedding and present at the birth of Han and Leia’s son.

Yes, a Star Trek.gif in a Star Wars article.
Yes, a Star Trek.gif in a Star Wars article.

I really think that the few examples I gave (there are more), the backstories we know of this trio and what we have seen onscreen for 4 movies now, that we should have had an even more emotional moment as seen on Bespin when Han gets frozen. Chewbacca crying, holding Leia in an embrace, a moment twice as heavy as that should have made a perfect conclusion to a perfect story arc. This should have been a moment between Leia and Chewbacca, not Leia and Rey.

Again, loved the movie, love Star Wars, This has just been the one and only thing that bothered me from Star Wars the Force Awakens. Sorry for rambling but I had to get this off my chest.


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