ByFrancoise Nina-z Frenchy Edwards, writer at

I'm awake! I'm so awake! Star Wars: The Force Awakens can just be attached to the first three installments because director JJ Abrams got this right! Very right! It's hard to review early without spoilers but I wont and I urge folks to see this as soon as possible before the spoilers spill quickly. What I will say is, the newcomers to the cast did a fine job and the "Seasoned" ( not old ), "SEASONED" actors did SUCH a fine job that if you must use the word "old", well then Harrison Ford made "old" very funny and sexy! He and Chewbacca didn't miss a beat ( to the point I think Ford should get a special award for brilliantly being the best space badass ) ! Those of us who were children of the '70s and teens of the '80s will appreciate this movie most although it's a huge treat and boost to the newer fans of the franchise. All the classic nostalgia rushed through my veins! I wanted to fly one of those things! I wanted to visit a planet and meet those creatures, I wanted to listen to music for a while and get a drink in the Cantina! I wanted my own droid and I wanted my own Chewbacca. You heard Han Solo's line in the trailer, "Chewy, we're home". My reply to that is, "So were we, and we don't ever want to leave again"!


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