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The Walking Dead finished off its Mid-Season Finale and it was....rather dissapointing. Aside from that super cool Negan name drop, the whole affair was kinda dissapointing than what was promised. Morgan and Carol's fights was nonsense and really weird, and GOD, I WANT TO KILL RON, THAT FUC-! Sorry, but Ron needs to be killed off, and as a viewer i want this character to just get eaten or something, but one thing that suprised me was how Carl dealt with Ron, and what else?

Oh yeah, Deanna died! Like someone cares! Oh, people do care? Well, no offense, but i expected like Eugene or someone else to die, but i feel we're better off with Deanna dead, and the show just keeps under-using the Wolfs so much it hurts.

But let's think about what's ahead, the comics are filled with amazing content the show just keeps avoiding, Robert Kirkman said they're just a bunch of wankers ruining amazing work he did years ago.

Let's count down the 5 Things that need to happen somewhere along the line:

#1: Carl's Eye: Bye, Bye

The comics are just amazing, and they actually develop their characters better (Aside from Carol) and the character development Carl achieved from this, arguably, painful fate.

Yeah, he had his eye shot off, which has become an iconic part of his character, and rumours it may not even happen at all, just makes me angry.

But, i'll go for Scott M.Gimple's head if they don't do All Out War, justice. More on that, later.

#2: Jesus Shows Up (No, Not That Jesus)

Paul Monroe A.K.A Jesus, is one of the best characters in the comics, and i hope that happens for the show, as well.

Tom Payne has been cast as Jesus (Not the best choice but, it's..okay?) And i just hope he does this amazing character justice, him and the writers.

And as for the Hilltop...


The Hilltop is one of the most clear ways for the plot to go from here, it offers quite story to tell, plus we get more cool characters, like that old bastard Gregory (It feels weird to say this, but i am glad he got hanged, dead).

#4: Negan (Motherfuckity, Lucille!)

Jeffrey Dean THE MAN!
Jeffrey Dean THE MAN!

Negan is the show's BEST villain. Fuck the Governor, Terminus, and anyone else. The MOTHERFUCKIN' MAN, NEGAN!

And Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the best actor to do it! Hell, he was already Negan on Watchmen!

And i just can't wait to see Daryl get Lucilled (Because 'Killing' Glenn off, and then actually kill him, that would be annoying as fuck! Plus Norman Reedus is getting his own show on AMC)

#5: Building Up To: All Out War!

All Out War is the show's best and most thrilling storyline and seeing it in Live-Action is gonna be a day i cum at my TV Screen.

But Of Course, it all has to lead up, and the show does justice to this iconic and amazing storyline!


The Walking Dead is growing in scale (And hopefully quality) and the rest of Season 6 Promises Great Things!

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