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Hello to everyone! Recently I saw a picture of the new sets of Lego "Captain America: Civil War" and I noticed something really interesting, and I want to show you this:

Take look at this picture:

We can see here 5 of the new lego sets and I'm sure you noticed the main thing: a giant Ant-Man!

In the set where we can see the giant Ant Man, we can see more characters (like: War Machine, Iron Man and more) and the whole set is about the two teams fight in the airport, and we know from the trailer that the two teams are going to fight their.

Yes we didn't saw Ant Man in the airport in the trailer, but maybe he was just small in the scenes which we saw in the trailer, and later he will grow up. (there was even rumors about Ant-Man getting giant!)

I know there are more many interesting things in the sets lIke: Captain Marvel, Red Skull and more, but I don't think this things going to be in the movie, because of two reasons:

1) Two of the sets have new things and characters who I think will not be in the movie, because we already have four new characters: Spider Man, Black Panter, Baron Zemo and the character whom Martin Freeman is playing, and now more new characters whose story we never saw or heard in the MCU are also join to the MCU in one movie? It would be amazing but also very confusing.

And I don't think we will see a scene where: Captain America, Iron Man and Captain Mavel are fighting against Thanos and Hyperion in space like the first lego set is showing.

2) The lego sets of the MCU movies often shows things that never happend in the movies, or they change something, like the Ant Man set [where we can see Ant Man and Hank Pym (who is wearing another ant man suit), are fighting against Yellow Jacket]

So this is it. Thank you for reading! I hoped you liked the article, and if you do please press the heart down there.

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Do you think Ant Man will get giant in "Captain America: Civil War"?


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