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In order to recreate the success of the original you need to create the formula. A perfect mixture of direction, acting, score, simplicity and cinematography. It was with these ingredients that John carpenters Halloween became The slasher film of slasher films.


In terms of a director the film needs someone who is not only a fan of the original but a scollar. Someone who truly understands what Carpenter did with the original. Not someone who thinks being a "fan" validates them being giving the keys to one of the biggest horror franchises. They also need someone who has artistic integrity and loyalty to the fans. After all if they're a fan then you should give the fans what they want rather than digging a bigger whole for the franchise to be buried in. They also need someone who will actually be up for a sequel to stay with the franchise. Thriuough the years the chopping and changing of directors really has had its effect. All giving their own version of Michael Myers. Sorry but we don't want to your version we want to see the Original Michael Myers. The shape, the bogeyman. If they were able to stick with the same director for two or three movies it would be a huge stepping stone to reanimating the franchise.


One of the main problems for the gradual drop in quality of the films. The film needs characters who we can relate to. If the they are going along with the two teen characters plotline. Then I expect to see them in at least one sequel but ideally two sequels. It just makes sense. If you keep the same characters in for a few sequels. Then it gives the movies purpose. It's going somewhere. You can't just finish the movie and when the sequel comes around create a new bunch of characters. We need to sympathise with the characters and buy into the story. If you just create new characters when the sequel comes along. We'll become apathetic to the characters, plotline. Even the movie itself. The other issue with casting DO NOT CAST SOMEONE TO PLEASE A DEMOGRAPHIC. In fact don't hire anyone who is anyway involved in the movie to please a demographic. This is something that the movies really have been doing since H20 with LL Cool J. Resurrection with Busta Ryhmes. And the remakes with rob zombie and friends. It just ruins the movie as it's very clear that they've been cast to fill your pockets.

Setting and Score

With this I mean the actual Myers house yeah redirection had it but the remakes didn't. Let's get the original Myers house back. Go back to south Pasadena after all zombie did it so I'm sure they can do it again. Then comes the score the movie needs the original music. Let's scrap the guitar. Or the synthesisers. Let's scrap the Mr Sandman intro. That was the first mistake of the Halloween 1981 sequel. It didn't have the intro score. Then when it did appear it was a synth. Sorry Rick it may have been an 80s movie but that doesn't give it authorisation to go crazy with synths all over the movie. As for the peol who may say it's the same old music try something new. Well what about using the scream score for H20. In particular when Michael is chasing after John and they can't get through the door and suddenly Jamie appears and saves them. That part would have been perfect for the original single note followed by the double repetition. By only that but it would have been a great acknowledgement to the original. Instead the scream score takes its place.

Lighting and The Mask

Jt seems that in horror films nowadays it's always dark. Now yeah dark ooh it's scary it's a horror film it's supposed to be dark. Yeah I agree. But to an extent. With the 2007 remake. I feel like I can't see anything. How am I supposed to be scared when I can't see a thing. It's lazy filmmaking. We'll make it so dark that they can't see a thing then bang jump scare woohoo that's how you make a good horror film. I thought it was just the basic idea behind the cinematography that the contrast between light and dark was reflected into the movie resembling the good, evil, Protagonist and antagonist. Then the mask I'm sure it can't be that hard to create a mask that is almost identical to the original. It's not like the don't have the money. Rather they are not willing to spend the money. As far as I'm concerned if the mask in anyway resembles rob zombies mask. I'm gonna be extremely disappointed. The mask used for the last two installments looked angry almost scouling. I thought the basis of the original mask was to strip away any human qualities from Michael in the end creating and idea that yes. There is a human body walking and a face behind the mask. And he's there is hands, arms, legs, eyes. But that doesn't mean that it is a human that is controlling the body. But evil incarnate. I loved how zombie tried to give the mask a story and his reasoning behind the mask. That he found it not believable that Michael went out to the hardware store and stole "that" mask. This too me sounds a bit ignorant. As he is looking nice at it as if "oh what a coincidence he went out and stole the Michael Myers mask. Completely forgetting the fact that, that mask was the first time Michael wore. It's the original? he is looking at it from the basis of the other movies. Which is utterly Ridiculous. For example say a movie comes out this year and the killer wears a clown mask. There would be no coincidence about the killer stealing a clown mask. So why did zombie feel it wasn't believable. Lost for words.


Whatbthe movie needs is characters we can relate to who will appear in sequels.(not re-casted). A director true to the fans and the legacy of the original. Who will direct further instalment s. The original score. Better cinematography. THE Michael Myers mask. And the south Pasadena setting with the Myers house too.


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