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Who is Professor Zoom?

I love the The Flash. I'm not sure where I first discovered the Scarlet Speedster he was always on the periphery of my comic awareness. I may even have scoffed once that “he just runs really fast what is the point of that.”

That is until I actually began to read his books waaaay back in the early nineties. Barry Allen was gone at this point apparently killed in a “Crisis” of some sort, so it was good point to jump on as a new reader. I loved it. I loved how the writers would come up with interesting ways to show that The Flash was more than just about running fast. This is exactly why I love the show so much. They are always finding creative ways for Barry to use his powers. I devoured season one repeatedly, merrily analysing almost every single scene, right up to the breath taking finale, the final shot had me whooping and dancing around the room. I'm a middle aged man this was not a pretty sight. Im not the only senior geek affected by this show. There is a video of the King of Geeks, Fat Man himself Mr Kevin Smith on you tube watching the heart breaking Barry and his Mother scene from the same episode and being reduced to a blubbering mess. Very very funny.

I have kinda wandered off the point, to say that I have been watching the current season with some interest would be considered a gross understatement. I live in the UK and as such have just seen the mid season finale. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to take a little moment to look back over what we have seen so far and make a kind of guess as to where this may be leading us. Incidentally hats off to Grant Gustin and the writers for that little monologue in the last episode. Beautifully written and Gustin's delivery was brilliant, the kid nailed it and he should get an award for his work.

Saying that, I don't want anyone to think that I am singling out favourites I love the whole show and all of the characters, except maybe Ciscos hair, seriously man the Little Lord Fauntleroy look died before you were born. Let it GO!

What was I saying? Oh Yeah.. Right who is Zoom. So who is Zoom? What do we know about this character so far. Well he sounds scary, he looks, well, scary. Really scary. Imagine if The Reverse Flash came into contact with the Venom symbiote. Yeah, I really am going there. The guy has claws, what is that all about?

In order to understand who Zoom is we first have to understand what he wants. Reverse Flash was only interested in Barry, whether it was to use Barry to get home or too single handedly destroy his life Barry was undoubtedly the main focus of Reverse Flash's agenda. Zoom not so much, this was revealed in the mid series finale. Zoom just wants more power, he wants more speed and to get that he needs Barry to be faster. What this shows is that because Zoom isn't focused on Barry specifically just characters who have access to the speed force this means his actual identity is kinda irrelevant. There is a story of a falling out between Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The two men where discussing the big identity reveal of the Green Goblin, legend has it that Ditko wanted that big reveal moment to show that the Goblin was nobody of consequence, just some guy that no-one knew. Lee wanted the Green Goblin to be Norman Osbourn, the rest is history. I can almost hear you crying “How on earth is that random little tangent even relevant to The Flash” well it's all about plotting and dramatic impact. To have a character who is known to Barry will have have a much greater dramatic impact than one who isn't. While the latter solution will have a dramatic impact it will also affect the overall tone of the story which, particularly in television, producers are unwilling to do. So if this isn't an attack on Barry personally but an attack on speedsters in general all it does is open up the list of potential suspects.

My belief is that they will reveal Zoom's identity to be someone close to Barry but from Earth 2. This could potentially be Barry, his Father or, and this is my own personal belief Wally West. Only because it makes an interesting dramatic impact and ties in quite nicely with the New 52 continuity.

The Flash season 2 returns in the new year on The CW.


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