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Netflix has launched a dream app for all the Windows 10 users.

Netflix Inc. is growing at a rampant pace. The company is constantly making expansion plans and has no intentions to stop until it achieves its goal. The streaming giant aims to provide services to people across the globe by the end of next year. It is currently working in various divisions but irrespective of being over occupied, it has not yet encountered any obstacles in terms of its business operations. It was believed that it was working on its Windows 10 app in the previous days and is trying to make the most of it.

Not many platforms such as Netflix are taking full advantage of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 but the streaming service provider is targeting everything it sees to penetrate in the consumers market. The Verge reports that the company is working on updating its video streaming app for the Windows Store. The new major update will allow Netflix to ‘embrace’ its app platform that is accessible universally and lets users to access applications on different platforms as well, such as PCs, smartphones, and tablet that run on Windows 10.

Reportedly, the same apps will soon be launched for all the smartphones that run on Windows 10 and will be releasing in 2016. The video streaming service app has been changed in terms of designing and functionality according to the platform of Windows universal app. The only reason to do this is to provide a better performance, improved user interface, and improved user experience on Netflix’s app.

The new update also brings in a bigger Live Tile on the main home screen of every Windows 10 smartphone or any other device that will be running on this operating system. Furthermore, Microsoft’s Cortana support is built within the app and its functionality will be implemented as well. Users can now search their desired video content using voice technology through Cortana.

Not only Netflix but also various other big name apps will be making their way to Windows 10 as well. Developers’ biggest advantage of Windows 10 is the inter-connected integration of different platforms. Recently Twitter, Uber, Shazam, and Box etc. have also created apps for Windows 10 platforms.

The Verge reports, “The new Windows 10 features will please Netflix fans, but the release underlines Microsoft's big ambitions with its platform. Microsoft has promised universal apps will be a major part of Windows 10, but we haven't seen many meaningful additions.”


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