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Paris Jackson is walking in her father's footsteps, quite literally, in a new video showing off her mean moonwalking skills.

The 17-year-old uploaded the impressive video of her nailing her father's signature dance move on Instagram, and anyone who has watched the 2013 documentary about Michael Jackson will know how much this meant to the teenager.

Paris and her brother's at her father's funeral
Paris and her brother's at her father's funeral

In the film, Paris fought back tears as she told interviewers she was heartbroken that her dad wasn't able to teach her to moonwalk before he died unexpectedly aged just 50 years old. She explained:

"He promised he would teach me how to moonwalk, but never got around to it."

Although it would obviously have meant the world to Paris to have been taught by her father, the video below shows this independent young woman had no problems learning the signature move herself.

Despite the tragedy of losing a parent at such a young age, Paris Jackson seems to be growing up into a well rounded young person who is eager to help others.

The teenager was at the forefront of a charity event arranged by her family this summer to hand out bedding, school supplies and warm outdoor cloths to children in need and she seems keen to raise awareness about the environment, just like her late dad.

Paris Jackson (left) at a charity event
Paris Jackson (left) at a charity event

One thing's for sure, I'm sure Michael would be proud of the positivity Paris seems to carry with her through life.

(Source: The Mirror)


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