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This story starts with a civil-war torn village, somewhere in Africa. a young boy named 'AGU' ( abraham attah ) lives with his older brother and parents with two other siblings. The village is in a area called a Buffer-zone, commanded by government troops. Reasons being. The government has collapsed and are struggling to control power and insure the safety of the villages from the advancing Rebels. the only rescue for the villagers, when fighting Breaks-out is flee to the capital for safety. Unfortunately. That's what happens to AGU'S village. AGU'S father ( kobina amissa- sam) buys safe transport for his wife and two younger children, but stays behind with AGU and his eldest son.

The government troops manage to ward- off the Rebels from overtaking the village. but they round-up villagers they suspect are also rebels, AGU'S father is in the number to be executed , fearing of his son's before being shot. he pleads to AGU and his brother to escape with they're lives. but during this, AGU'S brother is killed. luckily for AGU he evades death and heads for the jungle. After wandering for days Hungary and weak, he's suddenly stumbles across a Band of rebels training in the bushes , training in military war-fare. Unknown to AGU they are a rising rebel group that call themselves the N D F.

AGU is accepted into the group by it's head leader ''the Commandant'' Brilliantly played by British actor, Idris Elba. Whose ruthless heartless in his command . he takes a liking to AGU and takes him under his wing for Training to be not only a soldier but a hard-core Killer taking part in Bloody Battles, and ambushes. But just being a child seeing death and carrying out acts of killing does this all later Effects AGU'S guilty thought's ? However this movie's highly violent with it's Graphic scene's but it hasn't stopped the movie from being considered for awards . FANS of Idris Elba can look-out for him at the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS as a Nominee for Best supporting actor, for his commandant role.

On rotten tomatoes the film has a 90% rating. the film was released on September 3 2015 venice. and october 16 2015 in the united states. written and directed by cary joji fukunaga .


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