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Just when you think 2015 had given us all of the controversies it could muster, Activision go and release a new batch of every gamer's favorite kind of content: microtransactions. A while back, players uncovered some rather troubling content in the code of Destiny's latest expansion, The Taken King. It showed microtransactions. A lot of them.

A short while later, Activision implemented the first of these heinous things into the game. However, they were rather harmless and mainly consisted of dance moves for your character (woo, dance moves). But all that has changed with the latest update for Destiny, and just in time for Christmas too!

Microtransactions From Hell: Will This Only Get Worse Before Destiny 2?

Destiny: The Taken King Booster Pack
Destiny: The Taken King Booster Pack

What you're looking at here is a booster pack - one that will allow your character in Destiny to reach level 25 instantly. What exactly is the benefit of this? Well, it cuts off a few hours of grinding I suppose, but this level is easily attainable by just playing through Destiny at a normal pace. It may be helpful for those that want to create a new character without having to grind through the early levels, but even then this price plan is appalling.

If you purchased The Taken King recently, I'm sure you'll know that there was an item that came with the purchase of the game, called the Spark of Light, which allowed you to instantly level up your character to the required level to access the content. This is now being sold separately, and it's $30.


Naturally, everyone is pretty pissed about it. Whatever about implementing the microtransaction in the first place, but this price is completely out of order. It should at least be half of its current price if any kind of "fairness" is to be observed. But another argument that you can make regarding this booster pack is that Activision are gearing up for a "pay-to-win" situation for Destiny. Just wait until they release a booster pack for higher levels.

Have Ye Any Faith For Its Release Date?

Destiny - Why?
Destiny - Why?

I'm kind of in shock. Say you go out and buy Destiny and want to get up to a good level to access a lot of content that your friends are enjoying. You can then actually pay an additional $30 to have the game played for you, so that you can bypass the early sections of Bungie's latest game. What's happened to this industry? When did such shocking forms of money-grabbing become so readily practiced in an art form that once thrived off of free additional content? Remember when we used to get free cheats for games?

Well, those days are certainly behind us, and I have very little faith that the situation will improve for Destiny before the release date of Destiny 2 next year. But I could be wrong...right? Let us know what you think of these microtransactions in the comments below!


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