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We've all been there - we go to the cinema to see the latest fantasy movie to hit our screens, but little do we know that when the credits roll, we're going to have a yearning to go to the world we just witnessed for the last 120 minutes or so. This is an extremely common thing, mainly because months of preparation goes into making these places/sets so that we find them appealing. Let's take a look at 8 fictional destinations that we wish we could visit!

1. Pizza Planet (Toy Story)

First up is the childhood place of dreams that is Pizza Planet from Toy Story. I always wanted to go to Pizza Planet whenever I watched this film and saw all the fun and games that happened in there. It looked so fun with all the neon lights, the goofy seats and the delicious-looking pizza. I'm 19 years old and to this day I still dream of visiting a real version of this fictional restaurant that I hold close to my childhood.

2. Jurassic World (Jurassic World)

Before you say anything about this choice, let me just say, this is only on the list if I go there on a weekend when no crazy, out-of-the-ordinary stuff happens. Let's just say I go the week before the movie takes place. I buy tons of cool dino merchandise, I get to see a real life T-Rex, I eat in a little shack that's made to look like I'm on a Mediterranean beach and then I go home. No escaping dinosaurs and a safe journey home. Haven't we all dreamed of that? Well, maybe one escaping dinosaur would be pretty cool.

3. Hogwarts (Harry Potter)

I have to say, I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan, but even I wouldn't turn down a week in the eerily awesome and mysterious Hogwarts Castle, especially if I got a wand too! Harry Potter has one of the biggest fanbases in the world and the closest we have to the castle is the tour of the set (which is pretty cool). How many of you dreamed of someday going to this castle?

4. The Shire (The Hobbit)

So let's say you went to Pizza Planet, Jurassic World and Hogwarts Castle and you need to find the most relaxing place you can possibly go. Then you think of the incredibly beautiful and tranquil Shire. You may seem a lot taller than all the Hobbit's that are there, but it doesn't even matter because you'll be too at ease to even realize. I wouldn't like to live in The Shire because I like a hectic life, but a weekend getaway there would be a fantasy come to life!

5. Endor (Star Wars: The Return of The Jedi)

Star Wars is well and truly in full swing right now, but if I was to choose one place where I'd love to visit in all the lore, it would be Endor. The Tree Village is one of the most beautiful set pieces in movie history. Over the years, the Ewoks have gained a love/hate relationship with fans and I have to say, I quite like the furry little things. Visiting their little village would be an awesome experience that I always think while watching Return of The Jedi. Just make sure you bring some gold to gain their trust or they will have you for dinner.

6. Xandar (Guardians of The Galaxy)

I wanted to pick one place from the Marvel movies, and I've decided to go with the diversely populated Xandar. A beautiful, modern and futuristic planet that looks incredibly sleek and full of crazy characters everywhere. I would love to just walk around this place and see what merchants are selling in all the wacky and quirky shops that are there. Like all the other places on this list, there is some danger here, but it wouldn't be as fun otherwise, would it?

7. Oz (The Wizard of Oz)

This dream-scape from back in 1939 is one of the most beautifully set places in movie history. It is as fictional as all the rest of the movies on the list, but it would be amazing to go there! Especially if we met all the cool characters along the way!

8. Seaside (The Truman Show)

Firstly, if you haven't seen this movie, you should totally do so (and move on to the next place). If you have then you know that this city isn't a real city, but actually a set made just for Mr. Truman to be recorded and aired on TV for everybody to watch. I know this is a strange choice for a place I'd love to visit, but there's no problems here and everybody's so nice! Too bad it wasn't a normal city for Truman to live in.

So that's it guys! If you'll like this post I'll do a part 2, but until then, check out my other posts and follow me on my profile! Let me know in the comments where you would love to visit!


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