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At this point every fan of Star Wars has seen the movie that broke pre-sales records, and probably everyone is aware of the fate of a particular character. Even after a second or third viewing it still hits me the fact that this is the last we'll see of Han in the Millenial Falco.

Or it isn't?

The Force Awakens feels familiar to a New Hope in a lot of things, from the sandy dessert of Jakku to the explosion of StarKiller Base, and above all in the formation of a group that can change the fate of the galaxy leaded by an elder figure that knows the past and the stories.

Han, represented the same function as a character that Obi-Wan did in a New Hope, and his death at the end of the movie was shocking as it was Obi's when young Luke saw it, but... then does that mean that we will see Han again?

Director and producer J.J Abrams has not revealed a lot of details, but there's been rumors that we might see Han in flashbacks, I think think that we might see more of him that's to the strength of the force in Rey.

Yes, it is true that Obi left his flesh to become one with the force and guide Luke trough his training with Yoda, and as far as we know Han can't do that, but that doesn't mean that Rey can't connect with Han thanks to the force. I think that we will see more repetition of the second and third movies from the original trilogy in this prequels than before.

Episode VIwas about Luke's journey and origins, and that is what we will see from Rey in Episode VIII.

Rey will train in Episode VIII to master her powers
Rey will train in Episode VIII to master her powers

Episode IX will reflect the same as Episode VI, young Rey, now in control of her powers will face the knowledge made aware to her in the previous film. If this is a truth about her family, the awareness of her heritage or the inevitable truth that for her to restore peace to the galaxy she must kill the son of Han is yet to be seen.

But we will definitely see more repetition as an honor to the original trilogy, after all, stories are meant to repeat themselves, and it is time for a new generation of heroes from a galaxy far, far away...


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