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WARNING: This Article May Contain Minor Spoilers!

The highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens has finally arrived and fans of all age groups collectively jumped for joy last night. After the disappointing hype behind the Star Wars prequels over ten years ago, I went into the theater with hopes that it was at least decent, and boy did my wish come true and then some.

The experience of watching that film in the theater packed with fans who share the same enthusiasm as me was truly a life experience. I always try to avoid becoming prisoner of the moment, but I believe that it is fair to say that this could possibly be the best Star Wars film to date, and that is saying something!

1. John Boyega as Finn is outstanding!

Initially, the type of character I though Finn would be was completely different throughout the film. I expected a damaged, almost robot like personality from Boyega but he was actually one of the best parts of the film. His humorous one liners were very welcomed and it made the film a lot more light hearted. Boyega showed us great depth with the character as well and he is definitely a star in the making.

2. Poe Dameron is the best character in this movie!

Let me be the first to say, Oscar Issac's portrayal of the fearless X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron was my favorite of the entire film. Oscar Issac's humor worked perfectly but his rugged, leader attitude definitely carried a few scenes. If I had one complaint it was that the film needed more Poe! I loved it!

3. BB-8 is adorable!

Just as anticipated, the lovable new droid BB-8 is absolutely adorable! He has so much personality, dare I say even more than R2. His appearance really helps with his personality, being able to directly look at people with a "facial expression" makes for some hilarious scenes and I loved it!

4. Kylo Ren is as bad-ass as we anticipated!

With all the merchandise for a character that had not even graced the big screen yet, I was really hoping Kylo Ren didn't disappoint. Not only did he not disappoint, he made you truly feel his evilness. I wasn't quite sold on Adam Driver initially, but once he began to exhibit his emotional range as an actor. I immediately changed my mind. I must admit, Kylo Ren actually scared me at times, something I haven't felt since...well...Vader!

5. This is Harrison Ford's best Han Solo performance!

Han Solo is and forever will be my favorite Star Wars character EVER! I can't even put into words how proud Harrison Ford made me as a Star Wars fan. Not only was he great, his performance as Solo tops anything we have seen before. So much emotion washed over the audience when he was on screen and he was great! The years of emotional hardship have definitely taken a toll and Ford was truly special!

6. The First Order is extremely intimidating!

The First Order was an extremely scary entity; it makes me shake in my seat at times. General Hux, who is played by Domhnall Gleeson, gave off a very communist leader-like vibe and it is obvious they want to crush the entire galaxy. The new Stormtroopers are pretty badass too! Not just a bunch of mindless clones running around, but actual skilled soldiers!

7. It captures the magic of Star Wars!

From the beginning, when the iconic Star Wars roll began, I knew, this was going to be great. Everything from the score, to the practical effects, and even the way they cut from scene to scene truly felt like a Star Wars movie. J.J. Abrams did an outstanding job and I want to thank him on behalf of Star Wars geeks everywhere! This is the film fans have waited for for over 30 years and it is really one of the greats. I will have to give it a few more watches to truly put it over Empire Strikes Back, but it is up there!

May the force be with you!


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