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Deadpool hits theatres early next year, and is set to be the first in a long list of exciting comic book movies in 2016. The film stars Ryan Reynolds as everyone's favourite Merc With a Mouth. The film was in developmental hell for quite sometime, at one point it looked like we were never going to see the film come to fruition. Luckily, Fox finally got the ball rolling and they finally began filming in March of this year.

So far the marketing for the film has been some of the best I've seen for a movie. From the hilarious new images to posters and special appearances, the team behind the film and its stars have been pushing to make the film a huge success.

If you aren't a fan of the comic character or don't know much about the film, here are five reasons why you might want to check it out in the New Year.

5. First Solo Film Appearance

Amongst the same old characters getting reboots, remakes and a third Spider-man in little over a decade, it’s rather refreshing to have an original character coming to the big screen (I refuse to acknowledge Wolverine Origins). This might be star Ryan Reynolds fifth foray into the comic world (Wolverine, Green Lantern, R.I.P.D and Blade: Trinity) but this looks to be easily the best of the bunch (it’s not difficult, I know).

The film is set to reboot the character from the one we saw in Wolverine: Origins (luckily). So this is a fresh and origins for the character.

4. Rated R

It’s almost unheard of these days for a big company such as Fox to allow film directors to get their way with regards to the rating of a film. Looking at films like Dredd (which was great by the way), that lost money, it was safe to assume that they would make the film a PG-13, thus eliminating the essential characteristics of a character that prides themselves on their violence and bad language.

Luckily, Fox realised that anything under an R rating simply wouldn't work. So we are about to see Wade Wilson at his ego-maniacal best. Expect plenty of violence and crude language.

3. Humour

A little humour can take you a long way, and Deadpool will certainly have plenty of humour. Those familiar with the vigilante, will be fully aware of his foul language and tendencies to crack a joke or 10 before killing someone. Also expect plenty of breaking's of the 4th wall, as the hero addresses us directly with his wisecracks.

With the likes of T.J Miller in the cast the humour is set to continue flowing throughout. Gone are the dark and gloomy comic films of the recent times, Deadpool looks to breath fresh air into the comic film industry.

The blend of humour, topped with the crazy action scenes we've seen so far from the leaked footage and trailer makes me very excited about the potential of the film.

2. Shared Universe

That’s right, Deadpool is set in the same universe as the X-Men movies! According to Simon Kinberg, the film's producer, Deadpool will eventually cross paths with everyone's favourite mutants following the event's in Days of Future Past.

He will offer a lot going forward to the long running X-Men series. Piotr Rasputin aka Colossus is already set to appear in the film. Hopefully we’ll see a crossover with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine before he hangs up his claws.

1. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is one of those perfect castings that happen every so often. For every Christopher Reeve as Superman, there’s a George Clooney as Batman. Luckily though, Reynolds seems to be the perfect fit. Forgetting Wolverine: Origins, so far he has proved to live and breathe Deadpool, often Tweeting or appearing as the character at events or on television. We should also forget his other forays into the comic movie world, as Deadpool looks to be the perfect character for the star to redeem himself.

The rest of the cast isn't bad either, with T.J Miller set to appear as Weasel, Morena Baccarin as Copycat and Ed Skrein as Ajax.

Still not excited? check out the kickass trailer below!


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