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Still here? Cool. I saw the midnight release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in cinemas and I was blown away. The emotion took hold of me and I was completely satisfied. A perfect fit in a well woven story. I kind of felt that I predicted some things to happen in the film before they happened, I wasn't annoyed by this but I thought they definitely had the fans intention while making this film. Anyway, I wanted to share what I think will happen at the end of this trilogy.


1. Kylo Ren will defeat Luke Skywalker

Jedi Luke
Jedi Luke

Right now Luke Skywalker is the myth of the galaxy with many people finding his existence hard to believe. You're probably thinking I'm crazy for thinking Luke Skywalker, the almighty Jedi would be defeated by somebody who couldn't hold their own against somebody who never used a Saber before (Rey). But right now he is quite skilled, I feel in Episode 8 he will be trained by Snoke and become more powerful than any Sith ever. Thus giving Luke a run for his money. This duel is going to be insanely intense but que the tears for when Kylo Ren slays the ultimate Jedi master.

2. Rey is Han Solo's Daughter

A lot of you might think that Rey is Luke Skywalker's daughter? I like to think that she is Han Solo's daughter and long lost sister to Kylo Ren. How does she wield the Force? Well simply because she is Leia's daughter and of course she is force strong. A cool explanation right? I think this would be a cool angle to go with the story and a battle between Kylo Ren and Rey is going to be a key fight in the final film of the trilogy.

3. Kylo Ren will turn to a Jedi in Episode 9

After his duel with Rey in Episode 8, Kylo Ren will eventually succumb to the Light Side and join forces with Rey and co. to become a Jedi. He will finish his training with Rey and take on Snoke. Kylo and Rey will have a tough fight on their hands but it will provide us with a fantastic finale to a great trilogy.

So that's my predictions for the next trilogy we're being witnessed to, let me know what you're predictions are and we can talk about it! Episode 8 comes out in 2017 and the fantastic Episode 7 is out now!


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