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Harry Potter is better than percy jackson. Not only is harry a better man and character,but hp is way better written than pjo is. Now i have got a few clues thats suggests why Harry is better than percy.

1. Harry knows that he must fight for what he believes in,to take down the dark lord,and percy jackson,in the 1st book,does it for revenge for his mother. The main reason Percy did it was for his mother,meaning if hades was rising,he didnt give a sh*t about the rest of the world,because he only cared about finding his mother. Meanwhile Harry did it because he realized he was the only who can save his wizarding world and he would die in the process. PERCY IS A SELFISH LITTLE....

2.In the sea of monsters,percy does not want to take tyson with him to save grover,but when someone offers harry help, harry takes it right away. Harry even made an ARMY.

3. This is off topic,but chiron does not help percy and is not caring like dumbledore is to harry.

4. Another off topic thing. Camp Half Blood is so irrisponsible it is not even funny. When something happens,they let 12 year olds fight. FOR GOODNESS SAKES. Hogwarts rather cares for the students protections and they let ages 17+ fight. Yeah hogwarts is better.

5. When it all comes to it,Hogwarts can beat chb anytime.


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