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J'onn J'onzz, also known as the Martian Manhunter, was always an underrated superhero of the DC universe, with very few appearances in any DC media. To pour salt on the wound, even those few appearances were downplayed, usually involving either cameos or small roles. Now DC got a chance to make a turn for the better for J'onn with his recent appearance on the new TV show, Supergirl. Impersonating one of the major characters on Supergirl, Hank Henshaw, he managed to establish a strong foothold on the show.

Yet much remains unknown about this awesome character, so let us dive in and learn 10 facts you might not know about J'onn J'onzz.

10. He is stronger than Superman

J'onn is way stronger than many people would think. Most people know J'onn from his appearances on the JL and JLU cartoon series, where most characters with big time superpowers (namely Superman) were nerfed. Besides all the known superpowers, like telepathy, flight, shapeshifting and so on, he also has every kind of vision from heat vision to Electro-magnetic spectrum vision, super breath (albeit no Freeze Breath), super hearing, super speed, astral projection, super elasticity, thought sensing and many more. With all of these powers it is no wonder he is considered the superhero equivalent of the Swiss army knife.

9. He is addicted to Oreos (called Chocos to avoid copyrights infringement)

During his time as a member of the Justice League International (pre-N52) Captain Marvel (now known as Shazam) introduced J'onn J'onzz to the DC equivalent of Oreos, called Chocos. That was a bright and a dark time for J'onn as he got really, really addicted to them resulting in many funny albeit dangerous situations. One of the most renowned such situations is the instance when Booster Gold and the Ted Kord Blue Beetle ate his Chocos. The result was J'onn turning into a hulking monster (literally) and started rampaging uncontrollably.
On a sad note when J'onn died once, Batman left a Choco cookie on J'onn's casket.

8. He was a member of MANY teams.

While a lonely alien, with no family and no friends from his home planet, J'onn seems to be a big time team player. While many people know of his involvement with the Justice League, that is not the only group of Superheroes he was a part of. He was a member of the Justice League of America, the Outsiders, Stormwatch, Justice League International, the leader of the Justice League Task Force, he was in the Justice Experience as his Bronze Wraith Alias and was resurrected as both a Black Lantern and a White Lantern during the blackest Night and the Brightest Day storylines.

7. He has a lot of split personalities.

You thought that Two-Face had a split personality disorder? You ain't seen nothing yet. During his latest solo run, J'onn, in order to stop himself from being used as a weapon against Earth, split himself into 4 personalities which seem to be ignorant to some extent of one another's existence. These personalities include:

  • Mould, J'onn's "brain" and his knowledge,
  • Daryl Wessel, a cop who embodies his heroism,
  • Pearl, his "heart" and the collection of his emotions and passions,
  • Mr. Biscuits, who seems to embody his love for cookies.

Some of those personalities are so detached from their original being that they develop their own personalities and memories. which leads to...

6. He kissed Aquaman

In the same storyline we talked about in the previous point, Pearl, the passionate and emotional part of J'onn's personality decided that Aquaman was pretty hot, reached up and gave him a smooch. This of course prompted Aquaman into an awkward moment, as he knew, thanks to his own telepathic abilities that it was actually J'onn. In the end the situation resolved with Aquaman awkwardly stating to J'onn that he liked him as a friend, resulting in a sad Pearl and a very disturbed Aquaman. This of course stirred speculation about J'onn being potentially bisexual, but can easily be dismissed as J'onn frequently having to impersonate women before, and this is just him getting too much into his role.

5. He has a lot of secret identities

A lot of fans of the big green Martian know, that J'onn's secret identity is an African-American cop called (subtly enough) John Jones. Not everyone knows that this is not the only alias John has. He went by many names and impersonated many people, including women and even a cat. Some of his other aliases of were Joan J'onnz, which is him becoming a female Martian, Mrs Klingman, who is a Clark Kent's high school teacher, Marco Xavier, Yushiro Takata, and of course a cat.

4. He is not the last Martian

Believe it or not, the core selling point of J'onn is not even close to the truth. While many a times it was stated by J'onn and others that he is the last Martian, it is usually retconned or proven to be false. The most recent example is that of his 2015 run where it was revealed, that Mars died in a catastrophe but Martians managed to survive and were plotting to bring it back . As a matter of fact J'onn was a weapon used by the Martians to perform a ritual to reanimate life on Mars by destroying Earth.

3. His arch-nemesis is his brother

Not only is J'onn not the last Martian, but he also has a twin brother, Ma'alefa'ak. When two green Martians, suddenly gave birth to twins, with one of them being deformed and crippled, they decided to do the most reasonable thing Martians parents do, favoritism. They choose to embrace their healthy child calling him J'onn J'onzz which in Martian means "Light of the light" and the other sickly and crippled child Ma'alefa'ak which in turn means "Darkness in the Heart". Bearing that in mind it's no wonder their second child ended up becoming a super-villain bound to try and kill his privileged brother who had everything he ever wanted.

2. He is a Manhunter

Everyone who has read a space comic or two, printed by DC would always wonder, why is J'onn called a Manhunter? The name is ominous and were misinterpreted on purpose to harm his reputation (mostly by Gordon Godfrey). Even worse, the only manhunter groups most people know are the Gigantic machines used by the Guardians of the Universe as the first police force before the Green Lanterns. So what exactly is a Manhunter? Well on Mars a Manhunter is simply, a policeman. The police force used by Martians to patrol and rid Mars, their home planet of crime is called the Martian Manhunters. It's no wonder he became a superhero and a cop (as his secret identity) when he travelled to Earth.

1. He is NOT afraid of fire

We are breaking the habit for J'onn J'onzz in this one aren't we. Many think that fire is J'onn's weakness or he is at least some sort of a pyrophoric. Well they are right in sense. The truth is, that the Guardians of the Universe discovered the primal version of the Martian people, the Burning Martians, a race of flaming genderless beings that multiply by burning everything around them to the point that nothing living was left on the planet. The threat of the Burning Martians was even greater when the Guardians discovered that these beings were close to discover interstellar travel. To prevent further destruction they decided, in the most Guardians of the Universe way possible, to genetically modify these beings. From this modification two martian races were born, the white and green Martians of which the latter, J'onn descends from. The Guardians also placed a mental block on all Martian so that they avoid fire, as fire and more importantly them burning would override the new genetic code resulting into a martian becoming a Burning Martian.

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