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The above image was published in the latest issue of Total Film; it's beautiful concept art drawn by Andy Park and Ryan Meinerding, and the magazine is well worth picking up just for that gorgeous art!

That said, Total Film's comments contain a possible minor spoiler:

Team: Iron Man
Old Shellhead's greatest ally, War Hammer (Don Cheadle) looks to get into a spot of bother in Civil War - the film's trailer shows his pulverised body being cradled by a distraught Tony. Could this be the end of the line?

Wait, what..? War Hammer? In the comics, James Rhodes - one of Tony Stark's closest colleagues - has been known by two code-names: Iron Man (he originally took over as Iron Man for a while) and War Machine (the codename he was given in Iron Man 2). He's certainly never been known as War Hammer.

That being said, in Iron Man 3 he did get another code-name - 'Iron Patriot'. In the comics, the Iron Patriot was none other than classic Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn, so that was something of a surprise to comic book fans!

He even wore near-identical armour!
He even wore near-identical armour!

We saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron that the Iron Patriot identity - and the paint-job - didn't outlast the events of Iron Man 3. Likely the government was wary of continuing with their super-patriot superhero concept after the armour was used to kidnap the President! But the idea that James Rhodes has taken up a whole new code-name is a fairly random wrinkle...


Which code-name do you prefer?


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