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Star Wars: The Force Awakens has finally hit theaters! I got to see the film a couple of days in IMAX 3D and I am just blown away how great this movie was. I wanted to wait a few days so I don't spoil anything for the people who haven't seen it and now most people have seen it. Anyways, the hype was real and I was getting nervous that if it wasn't as good as it actually turned out to be, it would get sh*t on! It turns out that Episode VII not only lived up to our hype but exceeded it! When 'Star Wars' hit the screen in its bright yellow color and the classic music blasted, the crowd, including myself went nuts. I feel bad for the lady sitting behind me because I just couldn't sit still, and I was sweating like a dog! Also, what made the movie so much fun was watching all (most) of my predictions becoming true. Take a look at the article I wrote in late October when the official trailer was released: Five HUGE Things I Have Predicted from the Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Trailer. I nailed a lot of parts about the movie. I thought Luke was going to show up in the final battle, not for 5 seconds. Overall, I loved the movie, as did the critics as the movie sits at a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes! I am seeing the movie again tonight, but this is how I would rank the seven Star Wars films:

1. The Empire Strikes Back

2. Return of the Jedi

3. The Force Awakens

4. A New Hope

5. Revenge of the Sith

6. The Phantom Menace

7. Attack of the Clones


How would you rank The Force Awakens?

What was YOUR reaction to Episode VIII? Tell me below!


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