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Daniel Craig may be best known for his time as the iconic super spy, James Bond, but Spectre wasn't his only appearance on the big screen this year. The blonde Brit actually made a surprise cameo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and almost no-one noticed... because he was wearing a Stormtrooper uniform!

It's no surprise that he was able to appear in both movies, as they were being filmed at the same time at Pinewood Studios (near London, in Buckinghamshire). Wandering from one set to the next would be a piece of cake (and incredibly tempting, even if he wasn't going to perform!).

Despite vehemently denying his involvement after rumors leaked that Craig would be appearing in the much-anticipated blockbuster, EW confirms that "multiple sources" revealed that he was, in fact, part of Episode VII.

Spoiler Alert! Plot points for The Force Awakens revealed here.

Craig makes his appearance when Rey is captured by the First Order, and is being held in a cell, awaiting the return of Kylo Ren. Having learned that she has some force abilities, she attempts to mind-trick her guard into allowing her escape.

Her first attempt doesn't work, and after telling the guard to take off her restraints and leave the cell with the door open, he strolls around to face her. Although he threatens and insults her at first, we all know that Rey (who is just ridiculously powerful) overcomes him with her mind to get free.

That weak-minded Stormtrooper was, in fact, Craig himself! If you listen closely, you can hear his distinctive accent through the mask.

It must have been an absolute thrill for the actor to be part of such an iconic franchise, even if it probably felt strange to be on the Dark Side when he's usually fighting for the side of Queen and Country. The next question is, will he be back for Episode VIII? Might we see him take his helmet off, in the next one? Or was this a one-off because he just so happened to be in the same studio at the same time?


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