ByPatrick Low, writer at

Ok Star Wars 7 was great despite the fact that Han Solo gets murdered by his own son (kilo ren) and this popping noise. It happened every time kilo used the force or when a ship was in hipper space they totally overused the pop and if JJ Abrams is reading this I just want to request that in # 8 he stops using the pop noise so much but other than that the movie was great. I also think Ray will become a major Jedi like yoda, o- b- wan, and Luke because it was very noble and Jedi- like of her not to kill kilo ren while she had the chance plus she had developed a connection with Han Solo. Something tells me that she is gonna be the next Star Wars hero along with Finn. I'm hoping that in the next Star Wars you get to see kilo's master in person. I'm also wanting. You to cast your votes on rather you think that Ray is Luke's daughter and if yes tell me how you think she got separated from Luke. And I'll tell you what was the most popular vote and I'll announce it. Ps you should see this movie!!!


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