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I love Spider-Man and Pei-Wei!
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Star Wars has been a cultural phenomenon ever since it's debut in 1977. It's impact on society and the culture in general has been something that we may never seen again. Did this movie bring back the franchise and the feel of it? Your damn right it did. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is not just a great film, but a phenomenal film. J.J Abrams did such a great job of recapturing the spirit and magic of Star Wars. Not many franchises can come back after 30 years and have the success Star Wars is having. Having the original cast back didn't feel like a gimmick. Their appearances felt natural and fit the story. Also, the new cast was the best part of this movie! From Rey to BB8, to Po Dameron I just loved every second of them. Bringing back John Williams to compose was also a great movie. His music just bring a beautiful sense of wonder and awe to whatever he does. However, a movie is only as good as it's villain. This movie is really, really good. Kylo Ren is one of the best movie villain's I have ever seen. There is so much to him and he is very terrifying when he confronts out hero's. Now I won't spoil anything, but the way his character evolves is fantastic. Again, it had the magic that Star Wars needs. Overall, this film was fantastic! The "Starkiller Base" felt like a third Death Star, and that was disappointing. One more thing, Luke Skywalker. Again, I won't spoil anything, but I absolutely love what they did with his character.

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