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The Force Awakens was a good movie, but did it have too many similarities to the Original Trilogy of Star Wars Movies? Let's take a look at what they have in common.

Main character lives on a desert planet and doesn't know who their actual parents are.

They run into a droid who is carrying something very important to the plot.

The girl is captured on the enemy's ship/weapon and needs to get resuced by Han, Chewbaca and a new male character.

Mentor to the new characters and was a major part of the trilogy before get killed by someone important to them that turned to the dark side.

Enemy builds enormous planet-destroying battle stations with obvious weaknesses at one cruical point that will blow up the whole station.

Main character flies in a X-Wing Fighter flies and blows up the enemy's base and flies out of the explosion.

Intense father-son moment on a bridge and one of them is trying to convince the other to return to the light side and the light side character falls down into the abyss.

Mysterious Sith Leader who is the reason the apprentice is on the dark side is also in charge of the current form of government.


Does The Force Awakens have too much in common with Episodes IV-VI

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