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STX Entertainment has been busy churning out films that try to be different from most regular releases, and their newest acquisition sounds like it could be the biggest risk they've taken as an entertainment company. After an intense bidding war, the studio has finally picked up the film rights to The Witch of lime Street, a novel by David Jaher about Harry Houdini, the famous escape artist and magician, investigating and trying to defraud a larger-than-life psychic who claims to possess the ability to communicate with those from beyond the grave.

Here's the book synopsis:

a gripping supernatural film set in post war 1920s about Harry Houdini, the legendary magician and occult expert, and his escalating rivalry with Margery Crandon, a woman who was considered to be the only real medium in New York City. An era better known for its jazz and glamour than for its dark obsession with the occult, the loss of lives in World War 1 gave rise to an intense desire to communicate with the dead and spawned a rash of self-proclaimed psychics. Houdini made it his personal mission to debunk fake spiritualists as frauds and charlatans by revealing their tricks. But Houdini meets his match in an alluring high society flapper known to her many astonished followers as Margery, The Witch of Lime Street, pitting the brash illusionist against dark and dangerous forces of the underworld, with Margery his ultimate target.

STX Entertainment has definitely made a name for itself when it comes to releasing and distributing new and original films and motion pictures. This newest project that the studio has acquired is very intriguing, as well as being a bold move for the company which is still growing and expanding into doing larger films and projects. Harry Houdini is still regarded as one of the most iconic names in magic and has become a pop-culture phenomenon who has been the subject of numerous documentaries and tv specials. This movie is set to be a "spellbinding" adventure that explores the myths of magic through science and investigation, while leading to an epic otherworldly showdown between Houdini and the world's greatest psychic Margery Crandon. If STX can pull this off, they could potentially have one of their highest-grossing films.


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