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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. He's the hero Gotham needs, just not the hero Gotham needs right now
Joseph Burnett

This review is related to Star Wars and the bible, and one theory I came up with shortly after seeing the 7th Star Wars film. It's explaining a relationship between Jesus the Messiah and Anakin Skywalker The Chosen One. My theory begins by saying that they were both part of a prophecy, one different from the other, Jesus being the one to bring Christ to the people and Anakin was going to be the one to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force. When Jesus was born, he was born from the Virgin Mary and Anakin was born from his mother, whose name I still don't know to this day. When Anakin was a kid, and his mother and Qui Gon were watching him work on his pod, jinn asked her who the father was and she said there was no father. Interesting, because the Virgin did not get with anyone to have Jesus, neither did Anakin's mother. 2nd, Jesus was trained as a carpenter by Joseph, Anakin was very skilled with his hands as well, saying that he could "fix anything" and that he was a very adept pilot, unlike Jesus who never was a pilot because there weren't any forms of aircraft until the 1900's with the Wright Brothers. Thirdly, Jesus possessed unknow powers to the people and Anakin possessed unimaginable power, even more powerful than Grand Master Yoda. Jesus healed the sick, and other unimaginable doings to help the people, Anakin had a very enhanced connection to the Force with his high Midichlorian count. Fourthly, in the 2nd movie, Anakin was 18 or 19, possibly 20, and in the third movie he was assumed to be in his early or mid to late 20's, and Jesus was in his early 30's. What I'm saying here is that Jesus wasn't crucified when he was 33, and Anakin didn't "die" until he was in his late 20's I assume, if I'm wrong that's ok, it's a theory and can be disproved at any time. Either way, they both died at a young age, when I say "die" in Anakin's case, I'm referring to when he was seduced by the dark side and became Darth Vader and was no longer Anakin Skywalker in Episode 3. And last, was Jesus and Anakin coming back from the dead, so to speak, Jesus rose from the dead and walked out of the tomb and fulfilled his part as the Messiah and went back to the heavens to be with the good Lord, and Anakin came back from the dead when he killed the Emperor by dropping him in the Death Star's reactor, therefore fulfilling his prophecy as the chosen one, he didn't officially die until after his life support systems were electrocuted from Darth Sidious's force lightning. He became the father he was destined to be for a short period after killing destroying the sith and therefore bringing balance to the Force. This is my first theory for star wars, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you guys, Thank you and may the Force be with you all.


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