ByAnthony Joseph Battad, writer at

I honestly and sincerely hope that Star Wars 8 shows Finn becoming both a soldier for the Resistance AND training alongside Rey to become a Jedi. I can go with many reasons that I have, but to just base it off a few, the dynamic of having more than just 1 Jedi would be awesome to see. Yes, the prequel trilogy was technically the latest movies before The Force Awakens. But, in the Star Wars universe it's been multiple decades since more than 1 Jedi has been seen fighting alongside each other. Seeing Finn and Rey's bond grow throughout The Force Awakens only made me wanna see them grow alongside each other becoming Jedi. However, with Finn's unique characterization, it'd be awesome to have him as a soldier for the Resistance as well. His connection between the soldiers, obviously being a former Stormtrooper, as well as the Jedi would be so cool to see. Also, John Boyega even shared how Abrams told him, "you're the new star of Star Wars." So, from a fan's point of view, the "star" of Star Wars should be a Jedi, right? At the same time, I have no problems with Rey becoming the main protagonist; that doesn't mean Finn shouldn't be allowed to become a Jedi as well.


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