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Based Upon: Cletus Kasady "Carnage" (Spider-Man Villain)


We have this series based around the character Cletus Kasady, also known as an infamous member of Spider-Man's rogue's gallery known as Carnage. This series however, would follow Cletus before he even knows of Spider-Man, before he even becomes Carnage. Cletus was and still is, a serial killer and mass murderer (Prime TV series material-Refer to all crime shows),having this simple aspect of exploring his origin as a twisted murderer, this concept would last and work well, for both comic, crime, action and thriller fans alike.

Short Pitch:

The screen starts black. We start the pilot by hearing a judge's gavel send an atmospheric boom through our ears. "Now Cletus, tell us your part of the story", the audience assumes this would be the trial for Cletus, after a number of advertisements showing us him murder a tonne of people showing us the scope of the plot. But then, the screen flicks from black to a close up shot of a young, 15 year old Cletus staring into the camera. Shocking the audience seeing this young child being asked for "his" side of the story, the audience thinking he was a murderous little degenerate from the start (or so they think). We then continue to watch this trial unfold into the trial of his father, who's being charged for the murder of his wife (Cletus' mum). We see Cletus acting so innocent as he rambles on about his mother and his father's relationship with each other, he acts very innocent and very believably innocent. He then gives his final statement. "Why did he kill your mother" the Judge finally pushes. Cletus stares up at the judge. "No reason at all". (His father ACTUALLY killed his mother because she was trying to kill Cletus, but he doesn't admit it over the large amount of hate his has for his father) The judge then pronounces him guilty yadayadayada. Cletus' father was taken away kicking and screaming, yelling and cursing at his son. Audio then becomes muffled and overpowered by a violin or some atmospheric synth, as we then zoom in on Cletus' face. Showing us a creepy, little smirk. Then the opening theme plays showing the director and producer etc. Ending with the title "KASADY".

Actor Suggestions:

  • Cletus Kasady

Adam Hicks (Young Cletus)

Damian Lewis



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