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There are many bringers of destruction out there in the world. Some of them are menacing, intimidating, while others are seemingly harmless and adorable. These 2 fighters fall into each of these categories respectively.

Majin Buu

Majin Buu is an ancient being, having existed since the dawn of time. A bringer of destruction towards anything in his path, Buu has been known as one of the greatest foes in Dragon Ball History. However, Buu has become a ally to the Z Fighters in recent times, but that doesn't make his reign as a foe any less significant.


  • Good Buu Form: Majin Buu's signature form, Buu attained this form by absorbing the Supreme Kai, transforming Buu into a fat lovable goofball child.
  • Ki Manipulation: Majin Buu, in all forms, possesses the unique ability to manipulate and use Ki for numerous feats.
  • Ki Blasts: Majin Buu can fire blasts of Ki in all of his forms, all vary in power. However, they are all incredibly powerful.
  • Chocolate Beam: Majin Buu possesses a beam that he can fire from his head to turn any body struck by the beam into any dessert he desires.
  • Flight: Majin Buu has the ability to fly around the terrain using Ki.
  • Malleability: Majin Buu's body is able to stretch, come apart, and form into any length and shape he wants. He can tear parts of his body off and use them as weapons. So in general, he is basically walking bubble gum
  • Regeneration: Majin Buu possesses regeneration greater than that of any other Dragon Ball character. Capable of reforming himself even from a tiny speck of goo, Majin Buu can recover from nearly any injury he can receive. However, his durability is quite lower than other Dragon Ball characters, but the regeneration makes up for this.
  • Masochism: Majin Buu isn't immune to pain, however, he seems ot enjoy getting hurt.
  • Ki Attack Mimicry: Majin Buu has shown the ability to copy Ki attacks from others after only seeing it once. Like the Kamehameha or Instant Transmission.
  • Absorption: Majin Buu's most deadly skill is his ability to absorb others, transforming himself into the likes of them. Depending on who he absorbs, his power and mind can change drastically. Good Buu, Buu's most recognizable form, is when Buu absorbed the Supreme Kai, however, Buu has many other forms at his disposal.
  • Evil Buu: Good Buu expels the evil from his body, this evil takes the form of Evil Buu. Evil Buu possesses numerous more Ki attacks than Good Buu.
  • Super Buu: After Evil Buu manages to transform Good Buu into chocolate, Evil Buu eats Good Buu, coming together once again, however, the evil has taken over. This results in the formation of Super Buu. Super Buu is incredibly powerful, but his power shines when he absorbs others. Super Buu was able to single handedly take out foes like Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, Ultimate Gohan, Piccolo, and more, absorbing them all in the process, further enhancing his power to the point where he became more power.
  • Kid Buu: This is Majin Buu's original form, when he hasn't absorbed anybody. This is also his most dangerous, deadly, uncontrollable form. With the power to destroy galaxies if need be, Kid Buu is an uncontrollable powerhouse with no self restriction or control. Kid Buu possesses no strategy, no intellect, no remorse. Kid Buu could collapse dimensional barriers by screaming if need be.


Onslaught is the psionic entity created by the fusing between the consciousness between Professor Xavier and Magneto. Xavier's inner hatred and Magneto's anger, and lust for vengeance fused together to create one of the most deadliest foes in the Marvel Universe.


  • Astral Plane Manipulation: Onslaught has the ability to manipulate the Astral Plane, creating duplicates of himself through Astral Projection, detect any dimensional rifts, and form objects through astral energy, such as psionic armor for example.
  • Telepathy: Onslaught possesses Professor Xavier's telepathic prowess, but pushed to far extremes. He can create illusions, possess others, read minds, and much, much more.
  • Psionic Energy Manipulation: Using his telepathic abilities, Onslaught can create psionic force fields with his mind, or fire psionic blasts that can affect the minds of even the Juggernaut, someone who is immune to telepathic attacks from the likes of Xavier and Jean Grey.
  • Telekinesis: Onslaught can use his mind to manipulate objects around him. He can create force fields that can resist Nuclear Warheads without a scratch, or fire psionic spikes that can destroy physical objects.
  • Flight: Onslaught can use his telekinesis to grant himself flight, allowing him to traverse any area he desires.
  • Intangibility: Being able to manipulate his own molecules, Onslaught can phase through any solid object he comes across.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation: Onslaught can manipulate any type of energy on the Electromagnetic Spectrum, allowing him to control fire, electricity, control magnetism, control nearly any type of energy and radiation, such as radio waves, gamma rays, and light itself.
  • Magnetokinesis: Having Magneto's powers, Onslaught can control Magnetic fields far more powerful than Magneto ever could.
  • Organic Iron Manipulation: Onslaught can manipulate the iron within your blood to fully control one's body.
  • Superhuman Strength: Onslaught possesses godly strength, allowing him to easily defeat the Juggernaut, who's thought to have limitless strength, and rip out the Cyttorak Gem from his supposedly indestructible armor with ease.
  • Near Impervious Armor: Onslaught's armor is incredibly powerful to the point where it can tank nearly anything. Only exception being an anger filled, Banner-less Hulk.
  • Mutant Absorption: Onslaught has the ability to absorb mutants into his body and use their powers himself, which he did with X Man, and Franklin Richards.
  • Reality Manipulation: Onslaught has the ability to create and warp reality itself, creating pocket dimensions and entirely new universes. He once created a second Sun, something only godly beings were shown capable of doing.
  • Different Forms: Onslaught in his first form is incredibly powerful, capable of taking out the Juggernaut effortlessly. He slightly resembles Magneto in his appearance. However, his strength is held back by Xavier's influence. Once he manages to remove Xavier from himself, and free himself from Xavier's influence, Onslaught enters his second and more powerful form. This form resembles more of a cybernetic monster and possesses godly power. The only being strong enough to put up a fight against Onslaught in this state was Hulk when Jean Grey removed Bruce Banner's mentality from his mind, leaving only the Hulk at his full potential.

Alright everybody, the fighters have been examined and now we get to see which incredible monstrous bringer of the apocalypse wins in an all out battle on Battle Arena.


(Good Buu is seen chasing after numerous children with ice cream cones.)

Buu: Buu wants ice cream! Give ice cream to Buu!

(Buu is about to fire his chocolate beam at one of the children, only for a huge explosion to occur. The smoke from the explosion disappears and the children are seen getting up, running away as Onslaught is standing before them. Onslaught looks over at Buu.)

Onslaught: You are the being known as Majin Buu!

Buu: You make children go away. Now Buu does't get any ice cream!!!! BUU KILL YOU!

(Buu angrily flies at Onslaught, throwing a punch at his chest. Onslaught is unfazed. However, Buu continues to deliver a flurry of rapid punches to Onslaught's chest, slightly pushing him back with each blow. Onslaught then blasts Buu away psionically. Buu yells in anger.)

Buu: You don't push Buu away! BUU PUSH YOU AWAY!!

(Buu flies in the air and charges up a Ki Blast, firing it at Onslaught. However, Onslaught creates a psionic force field that causes the Ki blast to detonate before it makes impact. The smoke clears and Onslaught is unharmed. Angry, Buu fires many Ki Blasts in a rapid succession, however, Onslaught stays still within his force field. Buu yells in anger and flies at Onslaught, only for Buu to crash into his force field. Onslaught then creates psionic spikes and sends them crashing into Buu, pinning him into the ground, apparently killing Buu.)

Onslaught: Hm, I was expecting more from you.

(Onslaught turns around, only for Buu to from into a gooey substance and reform behind Onslaught, who turns around in shock as Buu forms a Kamehameha Wave.)

Buu: HAAAA!!!!!!!

(Buu fires the Kamehameha point blank into Onslaught, creating an enormous explosion that decimates the entire landscape. the smoke and dust clears, revealing Onslaught, with slight scratches on his armor. Buu is seen ready to continue fighting.)

Onslaught: Good.

(Onslaught is about to fly towards Buu, only for him to be immobilized by 2 chunks of Buu's body sticking Onslaught's feet to the ground. Buu laughs and fires his chocolate beam at Onslaught turning him into a piece of Cake. Buu walks over to eat the cake, only for it to glow. Onslaught emerges, as he warped himself back to normal. Onslaught kicks Buu, causing him to burst into numerous chunks. Buu forms back together behind Onslaught, smashing a Ki Blast into his back. The explosion blasts Onslaught forward, only for Onslaught to turn around and telekinetically make Buu explode, senidng him flying everywhere once again. Buu reforms and flies in the air, where he forms a beam of Ki Energy, which he fires down onto Onslaught.)

(As the smoke clears, Onslaught is still seen standing. Onslaught then flies at Buu and punches him in the gut. The punch doesn't faze Buu.)

Buu: Ha HA! That tickles Buu!

(Buu forms 2 Ki blasts and smashes them both directly into Onslaught's head, only for Onslaught to become intangible and phase through Buu's attack. The Ki blasts are thornw elsewhere and Onslaught punches Buu into the ground. Buu looks up, only to get struck by a energy blast created by Onslaught. Buu explodes, but his chunks fly in the air and form together, where Buu punches Onslaught in the face. Onslaught is unfazed and he pierces his hand through Buu. Buu laughs and intends to absorb Onslaught.)

Onslaught: What are you doing?!

(Onslaught is engulfed by Buu, however, Onslaught uses his intangibility to phase through Buu, then turn around and telekinetically send Buu flying everywhere. Onslaught then forms an energy sphere that blasts Buu, intending to disintegrate him entirely. Onslaught destroys the entire area.)

Onslaught: Any more wasteful efforts?

(The smoke clears and Buu is seen getting up, he gets incredibly angry to the point where his evil energy emerges. Evil Buu emerges. Evil Buu begins to laugh maniacally. Good Buu looks at Evil Buu.)

Good Buu: He hurts Buu!

(Evil Buu smiles, then fires his Chocolate Beam at Good Buu, turning Good Buu into Chocolate. Evil Buu takes the Chocolate, looks at a confused Onslaught, and eats the Chocolate. This results in the both of them fusing and turning into Super Buu.)

(Onslaught crosses his arms.)

Onslaught: I sense your power.

(Super Buu looks at Onslaught.)


(Super Buu flies into Onslaught at blinding speeds, punching him dead in the chest. Onslaught is moved back. Super Buu begins to deliver numerous punches, striking him every where. Onslaught is shocked by Buu's insane power. Onslaught telekinetically holds Super Buu in place, then infuses his arm with energy as he punches Super Buu dead in the gut. Buu laughs and holds Onslaught, where he spins and throws Onslaught into a nearby forest, crashing him through numerous trees. Onslaught gets up and uppercuts an approaching Buu, knocking him into the air. Super Buu regains his composure and fires numerous Ki Blasts into the ground, engufling the entire forest in a huge dome of energy. The energy and smoke clears, revealing nothing but Onslaught inside a force field. Onslaught expands the force field, knocking Super Buu back. Onslaught flies in the air towards Super Buu, who dodges Onslaught's attack, allowing Super Buu to kick Onslaught in the gut, sending him flying. As Onslaught flies back, Super Buu begins to blast Onslaught around like nothing, sending him flying around like a pinball. Super Buu then kicks Onslaught into the ground. Onslaught gets up, getting angry and power hungry.)

Onslaught: AGHHH!!

(Onslaught flies and punches Super Buu into the ground, then pins him there psionically. Onslaught then telepathically goes into Super Buu's mind. Super Buu yells in pain and discomfort as Onslaught tampers with his mind. Super Buu yells so much and releases so much anger that he begins tearing through the dimension. Onslaught senses this and stops his mind tampering. Super Buu gets angry and flies at Onslaught punching him in the face with a Ki infused punch.)

(Onslaught gets up, angry. Then goes into his mind, where he releases Charles Xavier from his mind. Onslaught yells in satisfaction as he begins to transform. Super Buu clenches his fists then flies at Onslaught, only to get sent flying back by a quick punch. Super Buu gets up and looks onward, revealing Onslaught in his second form.)

Onslaught: FREEDOM!!!!

(Onslaught flies at Super Buu, punching and clawing him like nothing. Super Buu fires a Kamehameha, but Onslaught sticks his hands out, pushing the beam into Super Buu, engulfing the both of them in a huge energy explosion. The smoke clears and Super Buu is seen to be extremely weakened. His body begins molting as he slowly turns into his original form, transforming into Kid Buu.)

(Kid Buu looks over at Onslaught and smirks, then yells in anger and excitement. Kid Buu flies at Onslaught, punching him in the face. Onslaught is unfazed and he delivers his own punch. The 2 begin to trade blows as they fly into the sky, eventually going to space. Kid Buu forms a Ki blast which he fires, Onslaught phases through the Ki Blast, which strikes Earth, destroying it. Kid Buu then flies and punches Onslaught in the face. Onslaught flies into the moon, where Kid Buu fires another Ki Blast. Onslaught telekinetically sends the Ki Blast back at Buu, engulfing him in a huge explosion, leaving him in a gunky mess. Kid Buu reforms and forms a huge sphere of energy. Kid Buu throws it at Onslaught, who phases through the orb, causing it to strike the moon and destroy it. Onslaught then begins to warp reality, forming an entire star in the palm of his hand. Onslaught telekinetically attract Kid Buu and slams the Star into him, expanding the Star's size as it makes contact, incinerating Buu entirely, but before the Star kills Onslaught, Onslaught traps the star, and Buu's remains in a pocket dimension. Onslaught hovers in space, victorious.)

Winner = Onslaught

Reason: These 2 characters are both incredibly powerful. While Buu has the destructive power and capabilities, Onslaught exceeds him in versatility. Onslaught's combination of his mental powers, along with his godly physical capabilities makes him more than a match for the likes of Majin Buu. Onslaught's first form is without a doubt stronger than Good Buu and Evil Buu, but once Buu becomes Super Buu, that's when the tables have turned. Buu's random instances of intelligence will surprise Onslaught, allowing Buu to land a few good blows, and with Super Buu's incredible power, Onslaught will have to get rid of Xavier's restraint in order to win, and once Onslaught enters his second form, it's over. Onslaught with his full power is at a godly scale, and while Super Buu and Kid Buu might be able to put up a fight, they won't be able to handle Onslaught's reality warping power, which was able to create an entire Sun. The winner goes to Onslaught.

Next on Battle Arena!

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Obito Uchiha

Thank you guys for reading this. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I hope you all enjoyed and tune in soon to see which former hero turned masked villain is superior in the field of combat. Happy Holidays!


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