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Baldwin Collins

Today 19th of December 2015, is the 16th year of the passing of Welsh actor Desmond Llewelyn popularly known the world-wide as the character Major Boothroyed from Q Branch, known in the movies as 'Q' the quarter master for special equipment's in MI6. Desmond made his debut appearance in the James Bond movie titled ''From Russia with love'' (1963) introducing the gadget Laden Brief-case to then James Bond (Sean Connery ) proving popular with movie fans, he was again playing 'Q' in ''Goldfinger'' (1964) introducing the gadget laden car, the ASTON MARTIN DB5.

However, in ''Goldfinger'' he coined the line '' i never joke about my work 007'' with the Massive popularity of 'Goldfinger'' what would any bond movie be without Desmond ('Q' ) Llewelyn ? He made another popular appearance in ''you only live twice'' (1967) introducing the mini-Helicopter named '' little Nelly'' After appearing in 16 james Bond movies and acting alongside 5 different bond actors, Desmond appeared in his final bond film ''The world is not Enough '' (1999) alongside pierce Brosnan making it 5 bond actors and 17 bond films, he died in a Motor car accident during the release of the film and his Biography Book release simply titled '' Desmond Llewelyn''

Today the 'Q' quarter master character is played by British actor Ben Whishaw who has appeared in two bond films ''Skyfall' (2012) and "SPECTRE'' (2015) James Bond Fans world-wide remember the Late Desmond Llewelyn's contributions to the film Franchise, Desmond Llewelyn (1914) to (1999) Gone but not forgotten R.I.P.


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