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After Watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens and loving it I can now happily say that the series is back on track thanks to the incredible work of J.J Abrams. This review of Episode 7 is Spoilerish it won't go into detail what happens but You have been warned. I will talk about 5 things good about it and 5 things not so good

The Positives

1. The New Cast

Daisy Ridley (Ray), Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) and John Boyega (Finn) where amazing they really carried the entire film on there shoulders. Boyega was a surpirse how entertaining and interesting he was.

2: BB-8

Even though some people could say BB-8 is trying to replace R2D2 which (I can see, he is so much better in my opinion J.J somehow was able to give a Droid emotion by the way he moves his head and the comedy he has with John Boyega and his relationship with Oscar Isaac.

3.Visual Effects

It's weird how this film does CGI and old school Star Wars effects very well and is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

4.Ideals and Beliefs

This film was able to show another side to the Star Wars Universe, a side where characters don't know what is right or wrong and is conflicting there beliefs.

5. The Force

They shown more uses of the force and some very cool scenes with it, and what very refreshing to see than just vague uses.

The Negatives

1.Lack of Screen Time for Original Characters

There original characters are used but don't really effect the story much, they could of all been replace with new characters and it would have been in my opinion similar results. So I believe that they should of had bigger roles. I don't think Hans role could be bigger, but luke and Leia's roles could of been more than what they were.


In this film a lot of things happen where you have to go, well lucky that happened or this wouldn't of happened and seems forced (sorry had to) in places where there could of been logical situations that happened instead.

3.No Real Exploration Of Dark Side

Even though Kylo Ren is a good villain and Snoke is also interesting there isn't much Exploration of them, it seems more like development for the next film which is and isn't a good thing cause this film should have been focused on this film and not the next one, something Avengers: Age Of Ultron did also which was one of the biggest issues with that film.

4.Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma was very pointless and misusedin my opinion, had very little lines and didn't make sense on why she was marketed as much as she was.

5.Reused Storylines

This film does take a lot of the same story from the older Star Wars films mostly ep 4&5 which is a negative only because it didn't really have to be. People have complained About Age Of Ultron being a rehash of the first Avengers but when it comes to Star Wars the excuse I hear is "well that's Star Wars" like it makes a different.


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