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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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With the new movie that just came out. I was reminded of the original trilogy, and some of the performance of course was from the prequels but whatever.

So we start from Episode IV: A new hope, where Obi Wan helps Luke to understand the ways of the Jedi and tell him about the war.

So Luke has to fight in the Rebellion. And so Episode V: Empire Strikes comes in to play. With Luke being able to destroy the Death Star but, the Emperor is still alive with Vader. And though, the Rebellion feels like they won, they catch wind the Empire wishes to rebuild the Rebellion. Also, Luke has to go train with the wise master of Jedi, Yoda, where Yoda, is actually in a swamp, he feels like Yoda is pushing him that the Force is everywhere and Luke has a hard time accepting that he is a Jedi.
He tries and tries but is unable to until of course, one point where he's finally able to.

But then he gets the feeling that his friends are in danger, and that's where Episode VI: Return of the Jedi comes in. Luke finally meets with Vader, unable to accept that his father is Vader, he fights him off, while the Emperor continuously tries to manipulate him toward the dark side.

But in the end Vader cuts Luke's hand of and then Luke still uses the Force and then with destruction and chaos going on, Luke tries to convince Vader that there is still hope for him but then Vader says there, is nothing left. And then when Luke finally wins, Vader tells him that he wishes to see him with his own eyes, because he was a person before as well.


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