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If Luke is not here father and the solos made no reference to a daughter who's child is she? There is a hint here and hint there but no real evidence. With no force users left in the saga could a former apprentice of the most powerful force user of all come I to play. Even Vader made reference how strong he was. His name was used in the movie " Star killer " . I know it's not cannon. But neither was a child named Ben from the EU which was Ben skywalker but it's now Ben Solo. The use of a male and female against each other just like the EU solo twins against each other. So non Canon material is being used. So why not use a SW character out of the blue that was very strong in the force. A Starkiller offspring would be awesome. Yoda meet him in the game and also sensed he was strong in the force. You need someone strong in the force mentally and physically strong to fight back against a skywalker bloodline force user. Just my thoughts and hopes since we have a Starkiller base and I know that that was the skywalkers original name. But a total bad ass Starkiller introduced into the movies and bring him into rogue1 since he helped start the rebel alliance with bale organa, leia and others. Leia and Starkiller connection fro. The start.


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