ByMichaël Flamand - MrFlamingo (Donuts Entertainment), writer at

Most of you didn't like Josh Trank's Fantastic Four film and I am one one the few people who actually loved it, I am serious. But let's talk about the topic of this article: Would you love to see a new Fantastic Four film?

One of the negative things that people said about Josh Trank version is that it was too serious, so what about a parodic reboot made by fans?

Why made by fans? It his because 20th Century Fox, for many fans of the oldest team of Marvel's superheroes, screw up with this team three times and it seems like Marvel Studios isn't gonna take back the rights for using the character in the MCU. So me and my team, and my small & independant company of are actually working on it.

Marvel Studios is always the good choice for making superheroe films with lot of humor, so we decide to do the same thing with the Fantastic Four. Every one can make a parody without possessing the rights for using it. Thats maybe why it is call a parody.

The characters and their powers are gonna be the same, but their names are gonna be changed.

Johnny Storm will be Jimmy Storn, Reed Ridchars will be Rex Ritchard, Ben Grimm will be Bin Gripp, and Susan Storm is gonna be Susan Storn. Yes, we will keep her normal first name.

So what do you think of my idea? Let me know in the comments...


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