ByMarie Delgado, writer at

This is off of Netflix. Hey here are the names of the tv shows Arrow and The Flash. Waring Arrow is not for little kids. Ok The Flash is about well you know Flash. So it's about Berry Alan gets striked by lightning. He then is in a coma because of the excellirator explosion. When he wakes up he's fine. But later on he finds out that he is fast. So then later on they all find out that the excellirator explosion effected more people that are bad. So they call them meta humans. But in the last season Flash/Berry has to go in the worm hole to save the world.

The show Arrow is about a man named Oliver Queen gets stuck on a island. Where he trains to become Arrow. Now everyone thinks he's a vigilante. But the truth is he's not... He's trying it a different way in season 2. So he has to stop bad guys with arrows. And has to protect his family. Berry Alan is in the Arrow too. The news says some stuff about the excellirator, and the explosion.


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