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Ethan Williams

Oh. My. God. I-I I can't. I can't function. Holy fucking shit. Star Wars Is back. Now for this review, it's going to be quick to avoid spoilers. I will post a spoiler talk, but it'll be next Saturday so everyone has a chance to see it. Anyways, here are just my quick thoughts on the movie.

Good: AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! ASDJKFALSDFALIUWEFIUAWDFASJKDFLAKSJDHFLAIDSFIWEFAIWEFAIWEF EVERYTHING. EVERYTHNG. I LOVE IT. There is not one character in this movie that is less than great. I love Finn, I love Ray, I love Kylo Ren, I love BB8, I love Han, I love Chewie, I LOVE EVERYONE!! I LOVE YOU! I worlds were incredible. Oh man, that opening crawl was the best, it's so great. Oh god, I could go on and on. But no spoilers like I said!

Bad: I only have one thing, and it's not even that bad, all I have is that the John Williams score is not up to par with that of the originals, and even the prequels.

Overall... Guys, we are in the light, Star Wars is back. Now I cannot decide where I would rank this, but it's definitely it's in my top 3. 10/10. Good night.


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