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Despite being one of the upcoming TV shows that haven't made huge amounts of progress, it's still one I'm TOTALLY looking forward too! The 'Teen Titans' were my childhood, and I cannot WAIT to see how TNT bring them to life on TV.


There isn't much we know as of now, as mentioned before. But, we do know that the pilot will be titled 'Blackbirds', and that the confirmed characters are Dick Grayson, Starfire and Raven. It's also been suggested that Barbara Gordon will be added to the cast list.

Oh, and there was this image released online:


Apart from Brother Blood? Plenty...

1. Starfire - Blackfire Story Arc

Although it would seem unlikely for their story arc to appear in the first season, it IS likely for it to occur sometime within the show. Blackfire is famously known for her hatred against one of our favorite Titans, Starfire. In the animated series, their story was one of my favorites!

If they were to have this story arc in season 1, however, it would most likely occur through 1 or 2 episodes. Nonetheless, this story arc is undoubtedly invigorating.

2. 'The Judas Contract' - TERRA

Those skills.
Those skills.

This major AND shocking story arc could be the main one that runs through a season or 2. And when I say shocking, I mean shocking.

If you're not aware of this story arc, long story short, Deathstroke trains Tara Markov (Terra) to infiltrate the Titans and rip them apart from within, all because of Slade Wilson's grudge against the Titans. She's able to fool them all and 'win' Beast Boy's heart, but ends up crushing it.

You traitor, Terra.


3. Trigon

This dude is just PURE EVIL. I'd punch him in the face if I could. He's famously known for having serious father-daughter issues with Raven. Unfortunately for her, she lost control of her demonic side, and Trigon used this to proceed to burn Earth down to the ground. The Titans had spared Earth's fate, as they were in Azarath, returned to facing their own inner demons (LITERALLY), at the hands of Raven.

At the last moment, Trigon was caught by the purified souls of Azerath working through Raven's powers, and annihilated him and restoring the world before they and Raven vanished. -
You tell 'em!
You tell 'em!

But I have to say, he's a damn good villain.


Which storyline should be included in 'Titans'?


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