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I'm starting a game company in February 2016
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Free at Last! Free at Last! Metal Gear Solid Series Creator, Hideo Kojima has already left Konami Digital Entertainment and opened a new Kojima Productions with the help of Sony Computer Entertainment. Hideo Kojima has a project coming from Kojima Productions!

After the video from Playstation, Kojima was interviewed by IGN, completely along with him was the artist behind Metal Gear Solid games, Yoji Shinkawa. Fans of Kojima's works had supported him over the years especially myself.

Here is the video from IGN about Hideo Kojima talks about new studio, his first collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment.

Kojima said that

Yoji Shinkawa, the art director was thrilled to be creating an new game with Hideo Kojima. He's really excited about this. and then Shinkawa says

then after Shinkawa says his piece in the interview, Hideo Kojima would end up by saying.

"I have been in this industry for 30 years, I turned 52 this year. I'm getting an new start and I'm very confident. I'll keep making games until the day I die."

Kojima Productions joins Sony as an independent game studio. also joining Kojima Productions as an independent game studio is Monster Games, founded by 19 year old, Elric Atchison.

Together, Elric Atchison and Hideo Kojima would end up destroying Konami in the near future.

By partnering in a future IP with Kojima, Atchison can have the potential to destroy Konami Digital Entertainment!

Atchison opening Monster Games in Milpitas!
Atchison opening Monster Games in Milpitas!

Elric Atchison, a gamer for less than 19 years of his life already is getting to the video gaming industry. starting a Monster Games in Milpitas, California. Known as BoneheadedSamuraiTheFinalBoss on YouTube, Atchison will be a month before 20 when he starts development of his first game, Platinum Force.


What game would Hideo Kojima's Kojima Productions and Elric Atchison's Monster Games will collaborate with?

Atchison said that he's partnering with Sony as well with Monster Games being Independent game studio like Kojima Productions. The logo for the game, Platinum Force will be colored and revealed on his live stream on December 27th, 2015. Development for Platinum Force will start in February.

In which by now, Elric Atchison started a channel for his company, Monster Games.


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